Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New addition

Don't worry, it's not a cat or another sewing machine.

It's just a little something to make life more pleasant. We sit out front nearly every evening, when the sun is at the back of the house, but there are plenty of mornings when I would like to take my coffee in a book out there after Mario leaves for work, or even have breakfast with him there on the weekends. And if it's hot and sunny, I can't get him to like that much of the Great Outdoors.

Enter my new umbrella and stand, courtesy of Amazon's evil empire. I had an umbrella at the old house, but it was much heavier and harder to get up and down. This one has a crank and I can bring it down easily so that it doesn't tip over when we're not out there enjoying the shade.

It even matches the trim on the house. Sometimes little things make such a big difference.

Friday, June 14, 2019

30 Days

What a difference a month makes.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Sewing room update

I may not talk about it as much, but I still recycle sew and do craft shows, though I admit lately it hasn't been with quite the same enthusiasm. I think working so much from home has gotten me out of practice with my "on" personality. It wears a lot faster.

This is a recent batch of jointed bears. It's a duplicate batch - five are going to a downtown Philly shop and their twins are going to a show with me this weekend. They don't sell regularly, but when they do, it's fast, no questions asked, just "take my credit card "

Also, I give you Annie, sewing room supervisor. Yes, she sits that close. Except when she's sitting on my chair, with me perched on the edge.

It's a cat's world. We just live in it.