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The Sisters Series

Coming Apart

A woman who's lost everything. Her sister, who has everything. And a baby who means everything - to both of them.

Ava has always been poor, so she doesn't think the Great Depression will change anything. But when her mother dies and her coal miner husband loses his job, Ava's certainty falters. The last thing she needs is a letter from her estranged sister, asking for the impossible. 

Claire has everything she could ever want, except the child she promised her husband. When her sister's life falls apart, she reaches out to help - and finds the missing piece of her own marriage.

With everything at stake, Ava must choose: give up one child to save the rest or keep the family together and risk losing it all?

Available for pre-order August 18, 2022; release date October 18, 2022.

The Tudor Court Series

The Tudor Court is more than a king and too many queens.

It's ordinary people - minstrels and maids, secretaries and spies - living and working in the shadow of the crown.

Books I - III available now. 

Songbird - Book I 

She has the voice of an angel...but one false note could send her back to her old life of poverty.

Ten-year-old Bess is only good at one thing—singing, which has no place in her family's bleak existence. When her father sells her to the king of England, she balances the loss of all she's known against a world of music and plenty, and builds a new life as a royal minstrel, earning the nickname "the king's songbird."

Bess comes of age in the dangerous Tudor court, where the stakes are always high, and where politics, heartbreak, and disease threaten everyone from the king to the lowliest musician.

Her life has one constant: Tom, her first and dearest friend. But when Bess intrigues with a young Anne Boleyn and strains against the restrictions of her life in the shadows, will she discover that the biggest risk of all is listening to her own stubborn heart?

Universal purchase link here.

A Wider World - Book II 

Memories are all he has... now they could save his life. 

Returning to England after five years in exile, Robin Lewis is arrested and charged with heresy by the dying Queen Mary. Prickly, introverted Robin is a man with secrets, and over a days-long journey to the Tower of London, he makes a decision to share his story. Will it make his captor see his humanity, or will it hasten his execution? In the end, Robin takes the risk and revisits his life under three Tudor monarchs, wondering how he will be judged—not just by the queen, but by the God he stopped serving long ago.

When every moment counts, will the journey—and Robin's stories—last long enough for him to be saved by Mary's heir, the young Queen Elizabeth?

Universal purchase link here.

Lady, in Waiting - Book III 

She serves the queen. Her husband serves the court. How can they be so far apart?

Margaery Preston is newly married to a man she barely knows. Proposing to Robin Lewis may have been impulsive, but she wants their marriage to work - she just doesn't know how to be married, and it seems her husband hasn't a clue, either.

Treated like a child by everyone from her husband to the queen, lost in the unfamiliar world of the Elizabethan court, Margaery will have to learn quickly or lose any chance at the life she wants.

Can a marriage for all the wrong reasons make it to happily ever after?

Universal purchase link here.

Signed paperback copies are available for $16.99 (free shipping). Please email me at and I will send a Venmo or PayPal invoice.

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