Monday, October 29, 2007

The Things People Throw Away

The local thrift store had half price day a few weekendss ago. I was a good girl and didn't go cruising the plus size section for more leather pants to cut up; actually, I stayed out of the store altogether in an attempt stash control. My roommate, however, did not stay inside. She came home with this jacket, which looks pretty nice, until you look closer, when it's pretty fabulous.

Someone made this gorgeous thing, and then got rid of it. All I can think of is she either gained or lost a lot of weight, and couldn't bear to look at it in the closet, or it was a gift for someone who didn't appreciate all that work. Which, I have to admit, is one of the reasons I don't do a lot of gifts. Look at these details:

It's fully lined, with stretch lace at the hem of the lining. There are two faux welt pockets on the front, one with a tiny bias ruffle of blue-and-white ticking stripe, to match the ruffling on the cuffs (which in turn match the lining fabric). And best of all, IT HAS TAILS.<

Well, sort of tails. What would you call this? Ruffles? Pleats, I guess. What I like best is that the pleated section is made up of a combination of all the fabrics - the medallion lining, the ticking-stripe ruffle and a navy blue satin. The stripe, by the way, is actually pin-tucked to make it look even more pleated.

And again, I say, someone got rid of this! What were they thinking?

I made a tailcoat for the holidays last year, and while it's not something I can wear everyday (or, face it, more than a few times a year), I'd never let it leave my clutches. I spent over an hour in Mood trying to locate this fabric, which had been stapled to the wall as a swatch, so after a successful hunter/gatherer moment like that, there's no way I'd let this baby get away.

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