Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santa, Baby!

I'll admit it, the holidays have been known to bring out my more Grinchlike qualities. Sometimes pretty often. The only cure I've ever found is the thrill of shopping and finding the perfect gift for someone, some fabulous thing that they would never buy for themselves. Rarely do the tables get turned, but this weekend they did.

We were out doing some holiday shopping for Mario's mom and sister, and we went to Loehmann's. I'd never ventured downstairs to shoe world before, and when we came down the stairs, I spotted these:

There are no words to describe how these shoes made me feel. There aren't even words to describe why I like them. But I do, I do!!

And someone was watching. He couldn't buy them without my noticing, so he asked if I really, really wamted them. I really, really did, so he bought them for me. And I can't have them until Christmas, but that gives me a month to dream up the perfect outfit to match.

Is this the end of the Grinch? Probably not, but the Grinch will be fashionably shod this Christmas.

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Kat said...

Karen, I can't wait to see "the perfect outfit" for your perfect shoes :) !