Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm not supposed to be here . . .

I said no computer tonight. I said I was going to come home from work, scavenge a little food and start in on the holiday sewing. Which I did, but various things have derailed my train, and here I am, catching up on blogs, wandering through Patternreview. Not sewing.

I'm making 2 Lazy Girl Miranda Day Bags, and a robe for Christmas. How hard is that? Well, funny you should ask. I ordered 8 half-yard cuts of Amy Butler fabrics from a well-known (and formerly well-regarded by me) internet fabric store. They came several days beyond the famous "next day shipping" guarantee, and when I spread them out, 6 out of the 8 cuts were crooked. Not just wavy-along-the-edges crooked, but I'm-cutting-fabric-while-drunk crooked. (It was especially noticeable with the stripes.) Out of those 18" cuts, I was lucky to get 15" usable inches. Thankfully, that was enough, but I still got a few new gray hairs when I rotary-cut the pieces last night.

Tonight I got the front pieces quilted, sewn together and topstitched, and then I ironed on all the interfacing. I should have finished sewing the neck on the robe, and doing what little handwork is left, but I couldn't. I could have started the lining and pockets on the bags, but I couldn't. I'm feeling cranky and disgusted by what passes for quality control out there, and all the well-meaning messages from customer service offering replacement fabrics (in what, another week?) mean diddly and squat when all I want to do is finish the damn projects. Did they happen to notice it's only two weeks until Christmas???

A silly little something from a local shop that brightened my day.

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Tearsa Smith said...

That dress makes me giggle!