Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feeding the Beast

Since I went on my self-imposed fabric diet on January 1, I've been feeling surprisingly un-deprived. Before, when I went into the fabric store, something always made me buy fabric. Even when it was too expensive. Even if I didn't need it. Even if I didn't know what to do with it. Even (my personal favorite) when it was a color that didn't suit me.

The only fabric I've purchased since the beginning of the year is lining. I've looked at the newsletters from Gorgeous Fabrics and Emma One Sock, and I've even wandered over to the sites, but I'm not tempted. (I discontinued's newsletter because it was an almost daily occurrence and though it's the least tempting of the lot, I figured the frequency might make me fall). What has gotten into me?

It's hard to believe that I'm getting the same rush from shopping my stash as I did when I shopped to create the stash. And it's making me re-think my plans for certain fabrics. Not too long ago (okay, well maybe 6-8 months ago), I organized the "better" stash and tagged quite a few fabrics with their potential pattern numbers. Yet for every fabric I've pulled out so far this year, the fabric has gone to something completely different than what I'd had in mind. And I'm not missing any of those pre-planned projects: the spontaneous ideas I'm getting are working much better for me.

I really think fabric shopping feeds the beast the way eating junk food or drinking too much or (insert your bad habit here) feeds the beast. It's not necessary, it's not even always fun, but it relieves the pressure and makes you feel better. Turns out the beast also feeds on creativity. Who knew?


CraftRage said...

Looks like you have a pretty nice variety to choose from, there! I've been going into fabric stores and browsing online, but like you, I just haven't found myself tempted. I went through all of my bins of fabric last weekend, and realized that I have some really nice stuff in there - somehow, I don't think the plastic bin system is going to last. Even though the bins are clear, I still can't see what I have. I like your shelf system much better, and it seems to be what all you talented folk do - I think I'm gonna copycat!

MarilynB said...

Like you, I am also on a fabric diet. I plan to keep to it for the entire year. The stash was starting to overtake the house, so I needed to stop collecting--no matter how wonderful some fabrics were. Yes, it is getting easier, mainly because I feel I have more than enough. You know when you eat too much but keep eating because something tastes so good, but latter you regret eating that extra bit because you are so uncomfortable from overindulgence, well that is what I was feeling like when I bought fabric. I'm just overstuffed. I love what I own, but it is time to sew it, not collect it. I was in a fabric store today to buy zippers, and stuck to the diet and it felt good. I will admit that I still look at Emma One Sock and drool, but so far, I've refrained from using my credit card.