Monday, February 18, 2008

One small rant, then back to sewing

My mom died a few years ago and my stepdad still lives in upstate NY where she schlepped him after he retired. We're not close, but I still generally check on him by phone most weekends. Last weekend, since we'd already exhausted the weather as a topic of conversation, I told him about the plumbing mess. His immediate response was, "Good thing I don't have any of your mother's insurance money left!"

This, from the man who asked me to pay for mom's cremation because I was, after all, her blood relative and he'd only been her husband for 26 years. Okay, fine. Whatever.

Next day, my aunt called. She and my stepdad speak rarely, but apparently they spoke that weekend, because she calls out of nowhere to tell me that she's old, she's poor, she really doesn't have any money, and it makes her uncomfortable when people ask her to borrow any.

What the hell, people? Would it be elder abuse to knock their heads together, just a little? By the time my aunt called I'd already written a check for the plumbing. I'm hardly going to hit either of them up for a loan. But it's nice to know that my closest living relatives are right there, willing to help out.

Okay, moving on to things that don't make my brain hurt. The Wardrobe Contest entry. So far, I've finished two pairs of pants from BWOF 6/07 #126 (tan RPL and black stretch twill), BWOF 2/08 #122 tunic and KS 2694 in an orange/brown/black jersey. I'm especially happy with the pants because I love the fit and the fabrics - these are pants I would wear without the motivation of the Wardrobe Contest.

My original plan had the jacket (pattern as yet undetermined) made out of either tan twill or tan linen, but I think I'm going to go ahead and make up V 7976 in black leather instead. It's on my project list anyway, and I'm beginning to feel like my Wardrobe Contest entry is too full of easy basics, even though those coordinating basics are what I actually need in my wardrobe. I don't want the whole wardrobe to be made up of 1-2 day projects. I made V 7976 as a very wearable muslin, so I’ve worked out the kinks in the pattern. I've got a few yards of a brilliant rust lining fabric that I stash-swapped with my roommate, so the lining will tie in with the colors of my wardrobe without being too "basic." I couldn't line it in black; I'd be bored to death before I wore it. Must remember to grab a box of baby binder clips from work - they're great for holding the leather while the glue dries!

So that's my project for later tonight, unless I get too tired - lay out the pattern and take scissors to that gorgeous PR Weekend leather before I get too scared to do it.

Repeat after me: it's not too good to use, it's not too good to use . . .

Because we're thinking about going back in November, plumbing be damned,
and I need something to make me smile right now.


kasizzle said...

Go ahead and cut. You know it will be beautiful!

MarilynB said...

Karen, between the elders and plumbing, you've certainly earned your trip to Paris.

Unknown said...

This picture had such a strange effect for me. It's what I see every day on going to work, and I wasn't expecting to see this on your blog. On a sunny day, I love to have lunch on the embankment just above the water.

Your leather jacket is sensational!

Kitty Couture said...

Oops, I commented with the wrong Google account. ;)