Friday, February 8, 2008

Project Runway Goes to Fashion Week

I was cruising the Getty Images site looking at the photos from the Project Runway show. I'm sure I could track down whose designs were whose, but I'll sit on my hands and wait until the finale. For now, I'm just posting a few goodies that I like (and I'll be very upset if they belong to Christian).

I'm betting that these two striped pieces belong to Jillian. They just seem like her aesthetic, particularly when given enough time to do a good job.

This dramatic although slightly ridiculous ruffled collar is either Christian or Chris, it reminds me of both of them. And there were a few dresses that looked like they were trimmed with monkey fur, which I'm assuming has to be Chris.

Why, why, why can't they get their scheduling right and show a finale at or near Fashion Week so they don't have to have ringers in the final show? Not that I mind seeing all the extra clothes, or that the also-rans got to show in Bryant Park after all, and under the banner of Project Runway, but get it together, people, this is Season 4. You should be able to schedule these things by now.

Painful plumbing date: $4500, I still don't have running water (at least, not my own - I have a hose stretched across the back yard to my next door neighbor's hose, "borrowing" his house's water), and it won't get fixed until freaking Thursday because Philadelphia has ridiculous permit requirments, and the utility companies (those highway robbers) require a 3 day period to spray paint lines on my street before the plumber can finally arrive with a backhoe and dig in betwteen them. The 3 day period doesn't begin same day as the request, doesn't operate on weekends, doesn't make any sense.

On the plus side, he's going to let me drive the backhoe. Somehow, if I'm already paying him $4500, I probably shouldn't want to do any of his work for him, but come on, it's a backhoe. How often does a girl get a chance like that?


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Now you know that last design is Chris' right?! Has to be...look how over the top it is!

laura said...

I thought you said your plumber was going to show up in a bathrobe (back hoe! I read too fast), and let me tell you that did NOT paint a pretty picture for me!!!!