Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the Injured List

I have many cats. One of them, Annie, seems to be the whipping boy (girl) for all the others. Last night I was sitting on my bed right after work reading an issue of Knip Mode that had just come in from Ebay when Lily and Annie started squabbling. I attempted to break up the fight. Not pictured is my hand, which got caught between them and ran into Lily's very sharp teeth. Thankfully, she was somewhat deflected by my ring (she chipped a tooth) but she still managed to puncture the knuckle on the ring finger, slice down the side of my little finger, and just for good measure, leave a nice hole in the back of my hand. Which is turning all the colors of the rainbow.

Needless to say, no sewing was done last night since I can't quite bend two fingers on my right hand. And I was on a roll.

Also, no shopping is getting done for Easter dinner (which I’m preparing this year) yet because I tend to carry things with my right hand and I picked up my purse this morning and it fell through my fingers. Would prefer that not to happen when I'm carrying groceries and a bottle of wine.



Keely said...

Your black cat (is that Annie?) looks just like our cat Pepsi. Hope your hand gets better soon.

Dawn said...

Cute kitties. I tagged you from my blog. ;)

laura said...

We've been having many hissy fits at my house as well. One cat dared to bring home unwelcome 'hospital smells' which has resulted in a week of fights! As for your hand; my daughter who is a vet tech told me that cat bites (no matter how healthy the cat)are very dangerous to humans. Any time they get bit at work they almost always get started on antibiotics. Not to scare you but an old boyfriend of mine's ex-wife ended up in the hospital from a cat bite! Don't mess around too long!1