Friday, April 25, 2008

All around the town

They've done it again: the fountain is now a nice Caribbean blue, much better than last week's green. Where's the sand, though? Where are the umbrellas? Where's the cabana boy with my drink?

Last night we went to see What the Butler Saw, by Joe Orton, at the local theater. This is the play that required the multiple strait jackets, so I was expecting it to be interesting, but this was Oscar Wilde for the 20th century. It was a lot of fun - risque jokes, vintage underwear and inconsistent British accents. I wanted to get a shot of the jackets in action, but no photos allowed. Oh, well.

Much as I enjoyed myself, I was hoping we'd get home at a decent time, because I wanted to work some more on BWOF 3/08 #115. We were in before 10:00 p.m. Yay! Isn't it a shame that you can be off having a really good time and still rather be home playing with a project?

I finished the sleeves and got the hem pinned, so I can knock that out this weekend sitting on the back step in the sun. Now all I have left to do is possibly lose 5 lbs. off my hips prior to wearing it on Sunday for dinner with Mario's family (it's his birthday).

I really like the flutter sleeves on this dress. I wasn't certain at first - originally they seemed a little pouffy as opposed to drapy, but that was just the fabric reacting to being ironed. What you see here are the sleeves after they were spritzed with the water bottle and allowed to air dry. Much better. Before it looked like I had wings.

I doubt I'll get to work on it tonight - another boy birthday dinner, this time with friends, at our favorite Italian restaurant downtown. Even if I had time to work when I got home, I probably couldn't zip it if I tried it on, because I always overdo at this place. It's called La Locanda del Ghiottone - the literal translation is "place of the gluttons." I'd say that's pretty accurate.


Dawn said...

Excellent! I love your sleeves already. I have all the pleats done and will put together the front and bacl tonight. I am doing the puff sleeves. It will be interesting to compare out dresses. BTW, I added inches to the hip area.

Paula Gardner said...

I love those sleeves! I need to have them on something!

Kat said...

Karen, Lots of beautiful work here! I know that feeling of being out and wanting to get back home to work on a project. Hmmm, what does that say about our personalities LOL? I think that way a lot.