Friday, April 18, 2008

Up and Coming

I decided that since I make more progress on my sewing when I either announce them here or sign up for a contest, I’m going to commit, publicly, to my next projects.

Here, in no particular order, and setting aside time for vacation, is the spring collection:

BWOF 3/08 #115 Dress. I love this dress. I’m going to make it up in the Liberty print paisley I got last month at Paron’s, lined in white batiste because it’s just a little sheer. Still debating between the puffed sleeves and the flutter sleeves, but I just don’t see myself in puffs, whether or not they’re in style.

McCall's #5471 Blouse. For now I’m going to make this up in the white stretch shirting I also picked up at Paron’s. I think it would be cute in a multitude of colors, but I don’t have a white blouse right now that looks at all decent, so white is the priority. I just can’t get over the feeling that sewing a plain white blouse is boring. This also can’t be first on the list because I’m still getting over snow blindness from the strait jackets the other week. I can honestly say I’ve never run out of white thread before.

Vogue #8480 Jacket. As soon as the new Vogues came out, I had to have this jacket. Originally I was going to make it up in a tan twill I got from Gorgeous Things, but I think I’m going to reserve that for something else. Instead I’m going to use that brown corduroy and blue faces fabric that I got at the Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet when Cennetta was in town.

BWOF 9/07 #116. I’m not tired of these pants yet and I get compliments every time I wear them. By making them in every possible usable color, I’m forcing myself to get rid of the “good enough” RTW pants that, every time I wear them, make me feel fat. These pants don’t make me feel fat, so how can I not like them? Also, I can make an entire pair, cutting to hemming, in an evening – even better. I’ve got some charcoal gray and a wonderful tan glen plaid put aside. One or the other – or possibly both.

Butterick #4985 Blouse. This one takes minimal fabric, so there are a few things that have been aging in stash that are clamoring to be this one.

Vogue # 8352 Dress. I’ve started on this one in the brown and turquoise fabric I got from Paron’s last summer. I’m thinking that despite my love of shirt dresses, they’re not the most flattering style on me, and the dress and I have worked out a reconcilation of our differences. More on that later.


Sewer-Sewist said...

Love all those patterns! Especially the Vogue jacket and wonderful BWOF dress---I've been thinking about both of those for myself, too!

Meg said...

I like your choices. Can't wait to see the BWOF dress.

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

On the subject of BWOF trousers - when you find ones you love, grab on with both hands! For me, it's a pair from 08/06 and I must've made them 4-5 times so far. You can always make little variations to spruce them up, but whenever I think I should do something different and try a different trouser pattern, I'm always disappointed. And like you, I really need to toss some of my ill-fitting RTW pairs into the charity bin...

melissa @

Dana said...

Looks like a great plan. No turning back now that it's in print!

Paula Gardner said...

I love your pattern choices.

About white blouses: like white t-xhirts, you can never have too many!

Dawn said...

That my next Burda conquest too!!! I have fabric for it and everything. My last Burda top was okay but not great. I love this dress though.

Claire said...

I love your choices and will watch your progress. Remember, you are now committed. LOL!!!!

Connie B said...

There are 3 pieces we are both going to make- the 2 blouses, and the jacket(mine will be either red or yellow- I have both fabrics.)
SOunds like a mini sew-along to me Karen!