Friday, May 16, 2008

Paris: Windows

In Paris, it’s hard not to notice clothes: on the people passing, on the mannequins in the store windows. Even the dogs are chic.

I mentioned in a previous post about the menswear stores we ran across in the Marais. Apparently Frenchmen are more fashion forward than American men (now there’s a surprise!) because the shirts in the window were like a box of Crayolas run wild. The trend is for the under-cuffs and sometimes insides of collar-bands to be in contrasting fabrics; in addition, the buttonholes and button thread are in the same contrasting color, while generally the buttons match the shirt fabric: see this fabulous black shirt with leopard-print cuffs, orange buttonholes, black buttons and orange thread. Let’s say it made an impression on someone besides me.

During our wanderings prior to meeting Trena on Monday, we ran across a few other worthy moments: this silk dress at Prada, with random ruffles everywhere. Even the sleeves don’t match. I really can’t decide if I like this dress or I hate it, but it makes a statement.

This tobacco linen jacket and vest with oversized buttons struck me because they were just impeccable. Everything is right with this outfit.

This vaguely safari-ish jacket isn’t completely me - I think the sleeve length is a little odd and definitely wouldn't be flattering - but I love the topstitching, the randomly spaced buttons and almost everything about it except . . . it. Not that I’d turn it down, mind you. But I’ll use it for inspiration rather than trying to reproduce it.

Back to menswear again: this Kenzo suit. Is this immaculate or what? Nothing else to say, just gorgeous tailoring, great fabric and beautiful lines. I’d like it in my size, please.

Akris, on the Champs Elysee, had this sheer coppery coat with stripes of darker fabric. I'm not sure what I'd wear it with, but I thought it was lovely.

Last, and certainly not least, is this shirt: gold/brown/white stripes. Stripes running vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Buttons, tabs, princess seams. Perfect fit. Lots of opportunity for immaculate topstitching. Pockets (with tabs!). Sleeves, also with tabs – not so sure about those. I want this shirt. I will have this shirt. Matter of fact, I bought the perfect fabric for this shirt the very next day.

Keep checking back, folks, because I’ve also purchased the perfect basic pattern for this shirt – McCall 4922 – and it’s winging its way to me as I write. I’ll make a quick muslin before I cut into the stripe, just to check the fit, but this shirt has rapidly moved up the list, kicking longstanding projects right out of its way. Can I argue? I don’t think so. I want that shirt. Soon.


Christina said...

Ooooh, lots of great inspiration here! Thanks for sharing.

Elaray said...

Ditto what Christina said! Sounds like you having a great time.

Anonymous said...

I've just returned from Paris as well. We left on Thursday. I think I might be over the jet lag now. I'll slowly be posting on my blog. I did find a couple of fabric stores in Paris but it was our first time there, and at the end of a long trip. The clothes in the stores was pretty exciting.

toy said...

wow, thanks for taking the time to share all these great photos with us!

Gwen said...

Thank you so much for taking us window shopping with you! I never thought I'd get to go window shopping in Paris! :)

Dawn said...

That last shirt pattern reminds me of a Burda WOF from recently. Maybe the May issue? They have a top with that same tab detail on the front. Same buttons on top -- no buttons on bottom thing. I think yours is a hidden placket where they don't have any. Oh, found it. I guess it is quite a bit different but the tab detail is still what makes me think of it.

Here is the link:

Cennetta said...

Thanks for the Paris walk about. The clothes are such a dream. Umm.., wish I was there.

Rose said...

What lovely pictures! and great inspiration! I appreciate your sharing your experience!