Saturday, June 14, 2008

I had a play date!

Nothing beats fabric shopping with a friend.

After talking about it, and emailing about it, Elaray and I finally got together on Saturday morning to do a little shopping on 4th Street. We both like Kincus and PA Fabric Outlet, and both stores gave us a little something we wanted.

Kincus has beautiful stuff but I generally think of them as out of my price range - unless, as it turns out, you go in looking for something specific that's not too pricy. I've been looking for leopard-print cotton since we got home from Paris (there was a black-with-leopard-accents shirt that impressed someone) and they had Alexander Henry cottons for $7.95 per yard. I also picked up 2 yards of an Alexander Henry novelty print with wine bottles and travel posters which is going to be a Hawaiian shirt and a gift for a friend.

For myself, I picked up 2 yards of black stretch jersey. I was working on BWOF 5/08 #122, using the spotted jersey I bought in Paris and I wanted black for the contrast bands. It turned out that the black jersey I had was navy blue, so our shopping trip came just in time.

PA Fabric Outlet provided some buttons and a discontinued pattern. I stayed below my self-imposed budget for the day and had a fabulous time. Thanks, Lee!


Elaray said...

I'm waiting to see the wine bottle shirt! We'll have to meet again for a show-n-tell.

Cennetta said...

Hi lady, Looks like you had fun hanging with Elaray.