Monday, June 16, 2008

A little (more) shopping

Not that I needed any more patterns, but I was blog-wandering today at lunchtime and saw KS 3575 on LooHoo Originals. What a pretty, simple dress! I loved that she did it in a stretch instead of the recommended woven and immediately thought "Hey, I should buy something for this pattern when I’m in Baltimore," except that I just placed an order with Gorgeous Fabrics, and when it arrived today, I realized I bought the perfect fabric before I found the pattern - the absolutely gorgeous Burning Bush Jersey.

But since I bought the pattern through Patternreview (of course), I couldn't just buy one. There were a few other goodies on my wish list, and I always wait to order until I have enough patterns on my list to qualify for free shipping. So today's other purchases were KS 3614 (I loved Dawn's shorts and I need a few new pair to fit the new body), KS 3620 shirt (the tie variation reminds me a lot of the BWOF blouse I keep meaning to make) and New Look 6774, because who can resist a pattern with this many options? Not me, anyway.

Tonight I'm laundering the fabrics I bought Saturday with Elaray and the rest of my Gorgeous acquisitions, but while that's in the washer and dryer, I might just cut out BWOF 6/08 #124 - there were two adorable versions of this on PR today, and it looks fast and easy, which is right up my alley at the moment. I'm going to use another fabulous fabric - Me and My Medallions jersey. I loved this on the website, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find out it was even prettier.

Still in shirt recovery, I need a few fast and easy projects, and I don't want to hold off sewing tonight until my fabric is dry so that I can work on the BWOF 5/08 #122 dress. Tomorrow is another day for that one.

My last Gorgeous fabric is the one that originally caused me to place the order, a stretch twill called "Perambulating the Piazza." (I would have probably bought it for the name, even if it hadn't (a) been a stripe, which I love right now, (b) been all my favorite and most flattering colors, and (c) been priced so as to be hard to resist.

So I didn't.


Elaray said...

The Burning Bush Jersey is gorgeous! Believe it or not, I hve yet to order from Gorgeous fabrics - and it's not for lack of trying. Ann has lovely fabrics.

cidell said...

If it makes you feel better, the knits at Michael's aren't anything to write home about. But, his silks and wools.... that's another story.

Maryissewfast said...

Beautiful fabrics...I love your color palette...Mine is tending towards those colors too! Guess it's olay since we are on opposite coasts! Mary :)

Kitty Couture said...

Gorgeous fabrics indeed! You're right, Burning Bush wants to be a dress. It screams dress.

Dawn said...

I love all those fabrics but especially the Burning Bush fabric. And Isabelle is right: DRESS!