Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Retail Therapy

Not that I needed retail therapy, but I was out walking at lunchtime and happened to pass Buffalo Exchange, my favorite consignment shop. I don't buy a lot there - I don't buy a lot of clothes these days, period - but I do like to look at stuff for inspiration. Well, what inspired me today were a pair of ridiculously cute BCBGirls shoes. White, with pink and yellow flowers and tiny little pink kitten heels. In my size. Completely unworn, and only $20. Well, how could I not?

For basically the same price, when you add on shipping, I also acquired one of the new HotPatterns today. While I loved the Carrie-d Away skirt suit (I thought SJP's "vintage" suit was so cute in the SATC movie, though if it was 2008 Christian Dior, why did they call it vintage? Why couldn't they just have found an adorable vintage suit?), I didn't think I would make it anytime soon. I do want to try more wearable HotPatterns one of these days, but going by my previous results I'm not an easy fit and I really didn't feel like making a muslin of that jacket, at least not right now.

The Metropolitan Homage (to YSL) tote bag is a whole different kettle of fish, though. That has my name all over it. I think depending on your choice of fabric or leather, that one has almost everyone's name all over it.

Here's HotPatterns description: "Celebrating the design genius of the legendary Yves Saint Laurent, and inspired by the YSL Tribute bag, this fabulous oversized Tote is designed for decorator canvas, denim, corduroy, twill or brocade-but it will also rock in real or faux suede or leather. Oversized Tote has a darted base, with shoulder straps, snap or magnetic fastening, optional luggage-tag trim, and side zipper openings at each side. Tote is lined with interior zippered, cell phone and small open pockets. This spectacular Tote will make a great everyday bag for all seasons...make it in sturdy canvas for a perfect beachbag; try it in real or faux suede or leather for work; work it up in denim and pad it with some quilt batting for a totally stylin’ laptop/notebook bag."

I may put together a fabric version as a test run and give it to someone as a gift, but to me it's definitely a statement bag and needs to be made up as such. I'm going to stop in at Leather Suede Skins next time I'm in NYC and buy enough leather to make one for myself in screaming red leather. Now that's a statement.


Paula Gardner said...

I don't know...that suit is so cute, it almost making me want a suit. I don't know about that bag, though. That puppy is enormous! I could live for a month out of a bag that size!

laura said...

I'm a sucker for consignment stores, I get almost all of my clothes from them! I wish that I were a better seamstress and could make more outfits but that's not going to happen anytime soon! But I do like that purse and purses are something I do love to make.

Cennetta said...

Love both the suit and the bag! How about a photo of those darling little shoes.