Monday, July 7, 2008

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

I've always had a weakness for shoes, but I've slowed down quite a bit on that particular addiction, mainly because as I've gotten older, my feet have gotten way more particular about what they're willing to be stuffed into for the sake of beauty. Beauty does know pain, let me tell you.

I mentioned a pair of shoes that I got at the consignment shop a while back, and I've been wearing them quite a bit. I love flowered shoes. I love flowered shoes so much that I picked up this pair of almost flat slingbacks - at Payless! - to keep the other flowered shoes company in my closet.

But the cherry on top of my personal sundae came in the mail on Thursday. I have a permanent Ebay search for "BCBG cowboy boots" because I have a pair of light green metallic ankle boots with cowboy styling that I absolutely love above all my other shoes. I bought them used, they're getting more used by the day in the colder months, and I want another pair. Instead, Ebay turned up these, in my size.

I thought for about a minute. They came. They fit. They're lovely.

And it's not like a pair of bronze boots won't go with almost everything I own, right?

Today I got an email from Ebay that a pair of my original lust-worthy boots (although in a different color) were up for auction, in a size 7. I'm an 8, a 7 1/2 on a good day. Don't think I still didn't consider them.


NancyDaQ said...

Ha! Bronze cowboy boots! Would you believe I have a pair too? They go with so many things!

Meg said...

If you're ever in NYC on a Sunday, check out the Brooklyn Flea market for vintage shoes of all kinds. I tried to squeeze my feet into a lovely pair of Ferragamos, but they were too narrow. Drat!