Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trying my patience

Sometimes on a project I feel like I’m sewing beyond my skill level, and I think that’s mostly a good thing, so long as I realize it. Trying to accomplish something I may not be capable of is the best kind of challenge, and sometimes by the end of the project, my skill level has risen – maybe not to the level I was hoping, but still.

This time, I’m not sewing beyond my skill level, but I certainly feel like I’m sewing beyond my patience level.

Matching the stripes on the left front probably took more painstaking care than any other project this year and although it didn’t take all that much time, it was a royal pain in the butt. Last night I didn’t get as much done, just the sleeve plackets and pinning the sleeves to the body of the shirt, but I thoroughly enjoyed the slow sewing it took to get the plackets just the way I wanted.

I guess sometimes you feel like a challenge, and sometimes you don’t. Last night I got a really late start, so even attaching the sleeve plackets and pinning the sleeves was probably pushing my luck.

Tonight I have book club, but when I get home the wearer of the shirt will be sitting in front of the television, hypnotized by primary returns, so I’ll probably be able to get in some sewing. Hopefully I’ll even feel like it.

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Melissa Fehr Trade said...

oh I know exactly how you feel! I get the same way when I'm either in the midst of a really complicated, drawn-out project, or if I'm sewing for someone else (and my boyfriend's last shirt was both!). I find that sometimes I just need to do a quick side-line project for me (like an easy knit top) and then I'm revitalised enough to jump back into the big project. Hang in there!