Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've got the fever

Patrones fever, that is. And all thanks to Cidell, who was kind enough to bring me a whole bag of them when we met in Baltimore last weekend. I expected to maybe want to trace one or two from each issue, but oh, no, these magazines are dangerous. The first one I opened, I found 9 things I wanted. Out of 90-odd patterns. That's not a bad percentage.

My co-workers now officially think I'm a bigger nutjob than they originally believed, because every lunchtime this week has been spent at the conference room table with a roll of tracing paper and Patrones' little multi-colored pattern sheets (more manageably sized than BWOF, you don't need roadmap-folding skills to get these back into the magazine). I traced off six patterns from the first issue, deciding that the other three, while absolutely adorable, probably wouldn't get made because they wouldn't look quite so adorable on me.

I'm grateful to Paco Peralta for his list of Spanish sewing terms, which helped enormously on deciphering the pattern instructions. I actually made it through the instructions for my first chosen project (a really, really cute dress - more to follow) on my own, but after I strained my brain I realized that I work right down the hall from the office of Al Dia, Philadelphia's Hispanic newspaper. I see the girls from that office in the ladies room all the time and one of them offered to translate instructions for me when I needed her. I'm going to be taking her up on that. And soon.

Because I just ordered a subscription. I couldn't help myself, and it's so nice to find new ways to spend money on sewing.


cidell said...

Amazing aren't they? I just spent my lunch break tracing two from BWOF. It's good to have the Patrones visit you for a bit. Less distrcations. Nancywin is getting them next!

Elaray said...

I'd like to see the Patrones before you give them back. We'll have to get together soon.

Dawn said...

Oh fuuuunnnnn! I'm excited to see what you make first!

mouseshadow2001 said...

I am looking at pattern 20 from Patrones269 and am confused - any idea what pulir and punos are - I think punos are cuffs, which makes sense looking at the pattern pieces but no idea where the pulir fit??? - any ideas anyone