Friday, August 22, 2008


That's what I am today. It was worse last night.

Yesterday at lunch I went to the bookstore and bought about 12 lbs. of fall fashion magazines. I have a subscription to Vogue, but it hadn't arrived yet, so I thought if I purchased a little competition it might show up. So I got W and Elle's fall fashion issues, and when I got home last night, there was Vogue, sitting in the hallway waiting for me, snugly wrapped up with the Fashion Rocks magazine just to add to the excess.

After the gym and dinner, we curled up on the couch - Mario with the remote and a fine selection of presidential politics and me with the post-its and a stack of magazines.

Several hours later, when I looked up, I couldn't see straight. Ever play a game on your computer for so long that when you go to bed you can still see it moving behind your eyes? I felt like my brain had been put into a blender with a box of crayons. Colors and textures and fabrics, oh my.

Lots of ideas, lots of colors, lots of things to try to work into my fall sewing. Like Carolyn, I loved all the lace that Prada was showing (and I'm lusting after that brown lace she got from Kashi). Liked the pencil skirts and some of the retro-looking stuff. Hated the bow blouses (some parts of the 1980s just shouldn't return). And the fact that D&G, among others, are still doing some form of boho/peasant/gypsy makes me happy, because not for anyone am I giving up my love of dressing in several patterns at once and doing fishface if someone asks, "Does that actually ... go together?"

I left W in the office yesterday because I couldn't carry both magazines home with my other shopping. The post-its and I are going to have a lovely lunch today.


Meg said...

Doing the same thing here, Karen. Still waiting for my copy of W to arrive...

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

*lol* at the magazine comment!

And don't you just love those lace pieces...did you call Kashi yet? :)

MarilynB said...

Last year I did not receive my Vogue until the 28th of August. This year's came yesterday (probably because we have a new postal carrier). I have been studying all the fashion mags for the past week, but they are now starting to look alike. Dizzy is a good description of the effect of too much looking.