Monday, September 22, 2008

The Future is Looking Gray

Not in a bad way, in a wardrobe way.

I reorganized the fabric shelves recently, and aside from being appalled at the amount of fabric I have post-stash reduction, I was surprised to find out just how many different shades of gray I have in the stash. Such a collection calls for a wardrobe, obviously, and there will be one, in fits and starts, over the next few months.

So far, the plan is as follows: BWOF 6/07 #126 pants (TNT pattern) in the darker gray; BWOF Vogue 8280 dress for the lighter solid gray with accents of either black or white; the BWOF 1/08 bib-front blouse for the gray and white stripe; a white blouse from KS 3620 (their version of the BWOF tie-front); yet another BWOF pencil skirt (pattern to be determined out of about a half dozen already traced); several stretch tops, one in striped jersey, one in a cream/pale gray/gold paisley jersey from EOS (not pictured because it's in the dryer) and one in the black/white/gray stained glass jersey from

I also have a charcoal gray sweater knit from that hasn't announced its intentions yet, and a blue/black sweater knit that thinks it wants to be a jacket, so I'd better find it some underlining and a nice bright blue satin lining. Or so it says.

And then there's the black/white/gray flamestitch fabric that I got from Kashi a month or so ago that needs to be something particularly deserving. It's got both stretch and drape, just to be difficult, so I need to think on that one.

And then (notice how the "and thens" just keep coming?) there's a black and white boucle I got on end-of-roll sale at EOS. It's really sturdy and I think it might be a jacket from the new issue of Patrones that just arrived on my doorstep in all of its illegible glory.

And then, I'm just about done the dress for the play, and I try it on. It's a little snug on me (I'm being kind to myself here), but the overall effect was still good enough that I've decided I can't give the pattern back until I make a copy for myself. Princess lines are always flattering, but I hadn't expected the square neck to look that good.

And last but not least, BWOF's 9/08 #114 (the adorable vintage jumper/shift dress that Dawn did such a spectacular job with), in a light gray/aqua windowpane plaid from Jomar last year. Going by the few reviews so far, I might actually have to attempt a full bust adjustment on this one, but I need this dress, so it'll be worth it.


Dawn said...

I'm really into gray at the moment too. I love all the fabric. :)

And, yes!! For the love of all that is holy, do an FBA on that jumper. It fits me fine but, well, you know, t'aint much thar.

cidell said...

I'm quite in to gray. Yet, I don't have a length of solid gray for pants!!

Cathy said...

I love gray, all shades. So why do I never buy it???

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Gray is great. Not as harsh as black, and you can wear many different shoe colors with it. Love that flamestitch--it's like a Missoni in a gritty artsy black and white photograph.

Kitty Couture said...

You are going to have quite a classy wardrobe!
Love the flamestitch fabric.