Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to my Sunday

What I wanted to work on today:

Pajamas for Mario's sister Debbie. These are from BWOF 12/06, made in a dull maroon poly satin and trimmed with leftover floral from her Christmas robe from last year. I traced the pattern and cut out the fabric yesterday, but all I got done today was the collar, facings and shoulder seams. Grrr.

What I did work on today:

My house.

It rained yesterday. A lot. And I spent some time futzing in the workroom, cutting out Debbie's pajamas and doing some finish work on random other projects that have been sitting around and never really spent any time downstairs except to occasionally check and make sure that the old leak in the dining room hadn't started up again (it hadn't).

Dinnertime came, and Mario went into the mudroom to throw something away, and I hear him say, "The floor's wet in here." It's not supposed to be wet, and when I look up, this is what the ceiling looks like. There was a leak in that exact spot about 6 years ago that I patched, and now I know how long DIY roofpatches work. Put a bucket under it and went upstairs for the night.

Today I looked out the workroom window (overlooking the mudroom). Obviously it's been a while since I looked out there, because this is what the roof looked like, and if I'd noticed I would have gone out there earlier this summer with a bucket of roofpatch.

I don't feel like roofing; I feel like sewing. I called the handyman who repaired my downspout earlier this spring and he's coming out to look at it later this week. Hopefully before it rains again.


cidell said...

Ugh. I have to get my gutters cleaned out. I'm sure it's the source of my flooding basement.

Cennetta said...

Sorry to hear about your leaking roof. Up-keep of the house can certainly crowd out your creative sewing time. Hope everything goes well.