Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moving Very Slowly

I think I'm still suffering from Big Project Hangover. The orange bag has been finished for a week and I haven't done much more than futz around with a few UFOs, and cut up an old (too small) skirt to be remade into something I can wear.

Yesterday, I started feeling the stirrings of industry, but I was afraid to start something completely new because I'm still feeling a little burned out.

So I cut up the Diane von Furstenberg sort-of-argyle print knit that I got at the PR Baltimore shopping day and it's well on its way to becoming NL 6429, one of my favorite dresses. I wore the animal print version to work on Friday and it just reinforced for me how much I love that dress.

I made this dress with long sleeves this time so I can get a little more wear out of it, and I'm also leaving it a little longer than the first one, because I want to be able to wear it with my high boots.

At this point I'm also leaving it unhemmed, because while there is a box with a Janome Coverpro 900 sitting in my downstairs hallway, I'm not allowed to open it until Christmas and I see no point in fighting with my regular machine and a double needle before then.

The photo here at the bottom is from a house a few blocks away - the kids started their Shrine to Democracy about 6 weeks ago, and have been adding to it every week. The Halloween decorations crept in, too, but it all seems to work together. I can't imagine by this point that they have a Barbie left in the house, since there are about 10-12 in the display, including the one at the far left, which is wearing a tshirt that says "Headless Dolls for Obama." Now that's being inclusive.


Dawn said...

That Obama shrine is hilarious!!! Good luck with your mojo. Hope it comes back soon because you inspire me with your creations.

Meg said...

My coat is almost done and I see how one could lose one's sewing mojo after an exhausting project. I guess we'll know when it's time to come back, right?