Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Go Figure

After posting 3/08 #108 as one of my least-worn garments of 2008, I sat down the other night to consider the reasons why that might be. I liked the general design of the shirt, loved the collar, the pockets, the fabric. I liked the little glittery black buttons I found that set off the black striping in the fabric, but when I looked at it, they were the only thing that stood out as wrong.

This past Saturday was half-price day at the thrift store, and I went on a notion and button mission. I spent about $10 at the store, and in addition to buying a Ralph Lauren suit (which is asking nicely to be taken apart and remade), I bought several blouses and sweaters which had interesting buttons and which were in sufficiently ratty shape that I felt no remorse at cutting them up. One of those pieces was a gauzy white Express tunic with flat gold buttons that looked a little like coins. And they were small, about the size of the black buttons on my shirt.

In a few minutes, my black buttons had become gold buttons, and I liked the shirt a whole lot more. I wore it to work yesterday, got several compliments on it and felt pretty good - at least until I got home and looked at the picture that the receptionist took.

Honest and truly, it looked completely different when I looked in the mirror! And I'm not saying I think I look that bad, but I recognize that body. It's not mine; it's my mother's. I'm not happy about assuming my mom's vaguely fire hydrant shape in my mid-forties. I made fun of her for it, and apparently she left it to me. Thanks, mom. I've been getting back to the gym more frequently since the holidays ended, but if I needed a picture to put up on the fridge, this is it.

But I do like it the top itself. Instead of not wearing it, I'm going to wear it more often - but without a tank top underneath to bulk it up. I like the stretch shirting aspect of the top (I think one of the reasons my blouses tend not to be worn is that they're a little boxy); there just needs to be a little less of me in the shirt.

Considering that last week I was thinking about getting rid of this blouse, I'm now thinking about altering the pattern slightly and making it up in white, because it could be the start of a perfect TNT white shirt if it were (a) longer, (b) had a less distinctive collar, and (c) had regular cuffs. Which would make it not like this blouse anymore at all, so I think instead I'll keep the collar, lose the pockets, and add some length to the bottom. I also think I want to curve the hem instead of leaving it straight - I think that would be more flattering to my general shape. I also think one of the reasons the top makes me look a little thicker is because it ends at the wrong point. Nothing I can do about that now, but that's the joy of making another version.

On a less positive note, I spent the first part of 2009 making a very successful wadder. More about that later - whether or not it stays draped over Evelyn or ends up in the can is still up in the air.


cidell said...

You crack me up. Although, I'm not sure what a fire hydrant figure is. Especially because I marveled to Trena on the way home how trim you were.

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I don't know how I passed this pattern over! It looks so cute on you. I'm making a BWOF with a similar collar right now, and kind of wish I'd gone with this one. Can one have two gathered collars in the wardrobe?

Cennetta said...

Your are too funny. You are not a fire hydrant. Trust me..., Great save on the blouse. Great minds think alike. I go to the thrift store hunting for notion and creative ways to make my sewing projects pop!

Little Hunting Creek said...

You don't "look" like a fire hydrant. And I like the new buttons. I like that pattern on you, and changing the bottom would be a great idea.

gwensews said...

Hey, I hear ya'. Every time I pass by a mirror, my mother is looking back at me! I wonder whatever happened to MY face?

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You always find the most interesting things at the thrift store! And it a mother's final revenge for all of the years of torture that you end up looking Just Like Her!!! *LOL*

Tany said...

The shirt was a great save and looks pretty good in my opinion!