Sunday, March 1, 2009

February: Month End Review

I achieved less quantity this month than in January, but not only is February a shorter month, but this February, everything went more or less to hell and my sewing time was limited but very therapeutic.

Now that Lily the cat is well again and back in her rightful place as sewing room mascot, maybe things will get back to normal.

The goods for February: Simplicity 2936. This vintage-looking shirt was made from one of the oldest pieces in my stash, fabric from my great-grandmom's stash. Now that's been waiting a while to be used. I really liked this pattern and have already cut out another one, this time a short-sleeved version.

February's BWOF was the best issue they've done in ages. I found about 10 things I wanted to make, but I traced off #108, the boatneck tee, straight away and made two of them. It's a great basic shape, and I needed a fairly uncomplicated pattern for some of my more loudly patterned knits. This one will get used over and over.

I had planned to make Mario a shirt for Valentine's Day (when I can't decide what to get him, that's my default gift and he always appreciates them) but with one thing and another and then yet another, I didn't actually start the shirt until the night of the 14th. I used a black, white and pink stripe purchased at Mood during PR Weekend 2006.

This fabric has been waiting until his fashion sense had evolved sufficiently to appreciate it, and apparently he's there now. He thinks this is the best shirt yet. (Modestly, so do I.)

I tackled another pattern from the 2/09 issue - jacket #115. I had originally planned to make #116, which was the lace version pictured in the magazine, but I couldn't find a lace/lining combo that I liked. Also, as we all are, I am getting truly sick of winter and decided I needed to do a little spring sewing. I used an olive green linen with some lycra to keep it from wrinkling too much. I didn't start the project with a lot of enthusiasm, but it turns out that it's a really great little jacket, and the basic shape - minus the pockets and even minus or changing the collar - is a good jumping-off point for other pieces.

To go with it, I put together a quick skirt from BWOF 10/06 #117 (an easy favorite, slightly less A-line than it started out). Because I was sewing from stash and I didn't have any green lining fabric, I used a patterned poly charmeuse that's been around since I was in high school. I bought it at the time thinking I would actually wear it. Now, I'm not so sure about that, but even if I had wanted to make a top, what was I thinking? One yard of anything isn't going to go far.

While I was feeling industrious, I finished two UFOs - a pair of gray doubleknit BWOF 9/07 #126 pants, which only needed hems and finishing at the zipper, and the raglan-sleeve tshirt dress #118 from 11/08. That one only needed the sleeves shortened, bands put on the sleeves, and hemming. This dress was made pre-coverstitch, so I think that's why it got put aside.

The pants will probably get worn tomorrow. The dress, I'm not sure. I'll put it in the closet for a while and see if I warm up to it.

Lastly, I started a recycle project that's almost done. I found a size 16 linen shirt at the thrift store, and after a bit of tweaking, it's now my size and considerably different-looking, as well. It's pictured here with the green skirt. All I need to do is figure out the length of the flutter on the sleeves (unless I decide to take them off and go sleeveless), and it's done, but I think I'll still count it toward March's totals.


Gretchen the Household Deity said...

For a month in which you didn't have much time you sure produced a lot! Love everything you got done!

Tany said...

I thing you did a great job! I really love how the jacket/skirt ensemble turned out and at least the jacket is a time consuming project, which justifies having less garments completed in February