Monday, March 30, 2009

March - Month End Review

There was a lot going on this month, and therefore, much stress-related sewing was accomplished. I couldn't get my head around any complex projects, so rather than just blow it off completely I settled in and made tshirts, which we both needed and for which I had plenty of fabric thanks to two trips to Jomar.

All in all, I made 10 items, and used up 11.5 yards of fabric. I don't really think of this as a lot of items because 5 of them were tshirts - 3 for me, 2 for him, made out of my TNT KwikSew and Burdstyle patterns. He would have gotten a third shirt if he was willing to wear creamsicle orange, but apparently it's not a manly color. That's okay; more for me.

I also made two of my favorite BWOF A-line skirt in summer cottons. These take an evening apiece, and I'll get a lot of wear out of them because except for working around the house or in the garden, I've pretty much given up wearing shorts. They just don't look like they used to. On me.

Yet another knit top - not the same tshirt this time, but still a TNT - NL 6405, the faux-wrap done in tomato red with white trim, to be worn with one of my new summer skirts.

I also had two recycling projects this month, the linen blouse recycle and the tie-dye skirt-to-blouse recycle, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

It's kind of freaky; I don't think I've ever sewed for a season this far AHEAD of the season. Warm weather is going to arrive and I'm not going to be at a loss for things to wear. Hmmm, there's something to be said for this organization thing. Shame I can't do it on a regular basis.

The kitty portrait of the day is Evil Bear (really). Bear is the youngest, daughter of Vladimir Putintat, the ex-stray living out his last days in comfort in my guest room, and once upon a time she was the sweetest kitten ever. Then she met the rest of the cats, realized she didn't have to be nice to get fed, and she hasn't been nice ever since. I can't pet her, I can't even touch her; the last time I trimmed her nails I tackled her in the bedroom and got rugburns and scratches for my pains. She looks at me with absolute loathing, and I love her.


laura said...

Love that glare! My Beast (who, thank God now lives with Vet Tech Girl) was originally named Blossom. And I had pawned Chlorox off onto Baby Girl, who's apparently smarter than I thought she was, because guess who has Chlorox now? This little kitty now spends her day leaving thick layers of calico hair all over Hans' black futon! AND after hitting me with one of her stunning blows (designed to kill mice) she nipped at me with her teeth today! I call it living dangerously. For her or me, I'm still not sure!!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

It is nice to be prepared going into the season! You're going to have fun when it finally gets warm.