Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Frankenpattern in the making

Since the Simplicity top pattern was such a success, I think I'm going to try to merge it with one of my other favorite top patterns, Butterick 4985. I mostly liked 4985 - wasn't thrilled with the neckline/top of the pattern, but I loved the princess-seamed bottom portion - it gave a really flattering fit.

So I think what's going to happen is the top part of 2601 will have some width added so that it can be buttoned (rather than button-looped), and either the curve reduced at the center front, or some curve added to the center front of the bottom part of 4985.

I really like the neckline, collar and short sleeves on the 2601, and the fitted bottom of 4985, so I see no reason why, with some redrafting, some swearing, and probably a glass (or two) of wine, I can't end up with the fitted top of my (current) dreams.


Unknown said...

That's a terrific idea--I like the simplicity blouse, but ruffley peplums are not always the look I'm after. I'll be excited to see how good your dreamy fit is!

Dei said...

Hope it turns out well.

gwensews said...

You never know until you try, so go for it, and good luck!