Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maybe you'd better rethink that

I think I mentioned that I made a small order from Fashion Fabrics Club during their last sale. A few fabrics for me, and one that I particularly chose for another short-sleeved shirt for Mario. I thought it was cool. I liked the colors, and even though I was a little unsure that he would like it, I thought I could sell it to him as a sort of "Jackson Pollock in space" kind of thing.

Or not.

I got the package on Friday, brought it home, spread the fabrics out to admire, and he walks in. I show him the blue and white, the two navy, red and white fabrics, and then I point to his fabric. "What do you think of that one?"


"I was thinking it could be a shirt."


"For you."

More silence, and then he says, "Maybe you'd better rethink that," and goes wandering off in the direction of the television. I get the feeling he was being tactful.

Problem is, I'm seriously tempted to make it anyway, put it in the closet without saying anything, and just wait for the morning that he goes stumbling blindly in there and puts it on. You've got to admit, that would be fun.

And here's one for the cat lovers out there. I don't think I've supplied sufficient feline photos lately, so here's Mr. Max, happily woken out of his afternoon nap, waiting for the belly rubs to commence. I don't think he's the brightest cat in the herd, but he's definitely one of the most affectionate.


meredithp said...

Aww...thanks for the kitty fix. We have one who may be slightly "off balance", but also has the loudest purr I've ever heard.

Just me, but I'm not sure I would spend time on a project which was not enthusiastically anticipated by the recipient :-)

gwensews said...

Sometimes, a guy just needs a little time to adjust. Put the fabric where he can see it daily. Maybe it will grow on him?

Sweet kitty.

Rose said...

Regarding the male chic fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club: I think that it is a non-sewer thing. Some people have trouble visualizing how fantastic a piece of fabric can look in a finished garment. I bet he would fall in love with the shirt. Max looks like a honey (love cat pictures!).

Meg said...

Thanks for the cat pix. I have to go on LOLcats every day now since my old cat passed away, just so I can get my cat fix.

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

That is quite the tactful response. Maybe you can ease him into it. Love the other fabrics I'm seeing!