Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

One sure sign of spring, no matter what Mother Nature is doing - and she's been doing some pretty weird stuff this year - is that all of a sudden I hate every shoe in my closet.

Boots are boring. They're too hot and sticky, and they're . . . black. Or brown. Which suddenly seem like the most boring colors in the world to put on my feet.

Heels can be interesting, but once again, black and brown predominate in the fall/winter closet.

Flats are . . . flat, and don't really look good on my legs with shorter skirts.

Begone with you.

In the last week or two, I've made a few lunchtime excursions, and what you see here is what I've brought home.

(The other good thing about spring/summer shoe shopping is that I give myself permission to buy cheap shoes if they feel good. But only if they feel good. I'm rough on shoes to begin with, and summer ones just tend to fall apart faster, whether or not they're "good" shoes. So if Payless has something that makes my heart go pitter-pat, how can I say no for under $20?

Here, from Payless: brown and tan wedges, strappy and cute, only a little uncomfortable by the end of the first wearing. In my books, that's good. A real summer shoe can make you bleed.

Also from Payless (it's a block from my office) these strappy blue babies. Higher heel, but also chunkier and well balanced. No blisters on first wearing, wahoo!

From a little discount place on Chestnut Street whose name I shamefully don't even remember (because I was drawn in by the scent of shoes and failed to look at the sign), these Linea Roma pewter faux-snakeskin sandals - with skinny heels this time. Too cute. I looked at the black, then I looked at the brown. Then I looked at the balck and white faux snakeskin but of course they didn't come in my size, so I ended up with the pewter, which I am justifying to myself as very nearly gray. Just more metallic.

Last - but oh, so not least - from Buffalo Exchange, my favorite consignment shop, these. Kenneth Cole. Reaction. Adorable.

I have clothes that go with all these shoes, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to make more. See, I managed to bring it back to sewing. It is, always and forever, about the fabric.


Little Hunting Creek said...

Love the shoes and now you have an excuse to buy more fabric to go with them

laura said...

Since I don't have any issues with my feet I can wear stuff from Payless and I do! There's nothing wrong with affordable as long as they fit and look good. It's been about a year since I bought a pair of shoes and I drove past a Payless last week. I think I may have to stop next time.

Sew-Ann said...

I have the same blue shoes only I don't have a decorative inside and the heel and platform are taller. So yea, I'm loving the shoe post.

Dawn said...

I love those blue ones. I may be making a trip to Payless.

Rose said...

Those are great looking shoes! No one, other than your blog readers, will know that they came from Payless.

Sherril said...

I always buy new shoes when summer gets close. In fact, I just ordered 4 pair from Famous Footwear online. I love those bronze shoes, but high heels don't work for my lifestyle anymore, and I'm happy about that!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Mmmmm, shoes. Those Red KCs are so cute!!!! I never wear heels. I'm impressed that you do.

Kat said...

Karen, I'm jealous. I have ugly shoes and I know it. It's something that will be my 2010 goal. Add nice shoes to my closet.