Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Too late for the fireworks

But just about as red-white-and-blue as you're going to get. Though I'm actually trying to think of it as red-white-and-navy, which seems as little less in-your-face.

The fabric is cotton sateen from Fashion Fabrics Club recent sale. I bought the print in two sizes; the smaller is getting used for the top, and the larger scale will be a coordinating skirt. I'm going for a vintage vibe here, hopefully it'll end up where I think it will.

The pattern is BWOF 3/06 #104, called "blouse with cutaway shoulders." I was looking at back reviews on PR tonight, and apparently I've always liked it, because I made comments on two of the reviews, back in 2007. At least I'm consistent.

My original (as of last night, anyway) plan for buttons was to use white vintage buttons that I had on hand. They look vaguely like checkers except for the holes in the middle. I thought if I used white instead of red, and sewed them on with navy thread, it would kill a little of the 4th of July vibe, but when I tried the white buttons, they were too big and sort of . . . chalky looking.

These little round red ones are also from the button stash, and despite their very obvious REDNESS, they look more appropriate.

As far as the collar goes, first I cut it out in the sateen. Then, after I'd interfaced the collar, I decided that it would look better in white, instead of the whole blouse being so matchy. And what I wanted was a white pique - definitely a white fabric with some texture. And all I had was batiste, cotton/lycra shirting and eyelet. I cut new collars from the shirting, interfaced the heck out of it to give it more body, and then went to the thrift store to see if they had anything made of white pique that I could cut up.

As you can see from the collar, which is just lying on the pinned-back facings at this point, I found something. A suit, as a matter of fact, Jones New York, size 8. For $4.95. Freshly dry-cleaned, but there was a stain on the skirt right near the waist that hadn't come out. I bought it anyway, hoping that I could cut up the out-of-date jacket and rescue the skirt -I wear most of my tops untucked anyway, and it would have been a great look for this blouse - but while the skirt was marked 8, it fit more like a 2. As in more than 3 inches stood between me and the closing of the zipper.

The jacket, on the other hand, fits like a glove. The shoulder pads are a little big and the buttons are godawful, but those things can be changed. If I did white buttons on the jacket, maybe I could wear it over the completed 2 piece dress?

Just someone, remind me when it's time to wear it, not to put on my red shoes!


Rachel said...

That is so cute!!! I love the style of the blouse and the fabric.

gwensews said...

I love the whole red/white/blue thing. That blouse would look fantastic with white capris.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it screams patriotic. It's very cute and I love the look of the white collar!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

It's so cute! I favor navy in the red/white/blue combo as well. You'll have it for next year, right?

Trudy said...

That's gorgeous!

I love your blog.

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Connie B said...

What a great Red/white and blue you have going on there. It has a nice retro - modern look and feel to it. I like the blouse pattern, but on me cutaway shoulders seem to acentuate the broadness of my hips!