Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Update

This was an almost completely non-sewing weekend - if you don't count the frantic, last-minute-until-bedtime sewing on Friday night.

This weekend was my office's annual summer party. My boss has a boat down on the Sassafras River in Maryland, and every July most of us trek down there for a day of eating, drinking, splashing around in the river, which is bathwater-warm and only about chest-high in the area where he ties up the boat. This year there were 15 of us aboard, and a few more joined us later for dinner at the marina restaurant.

Last year, I didn't know how shallow the water would be, and since I don't swim, I didn't bother to bring a bathing suit. Which meant I went into the water in my sundress, which none of them have ever forgotten. This year I brought a suit, but I decided that I needed a non-swimming sundress. I'll do a separate post on my dress, since I want to do a pattern review on it as well, and I'll merge the two.

Of course, prior to needing a new dress, I had to finish Mario's space shirt. Yes, he gave in. Yes, he wore it. Yes, he looked cute in it - at least I thought so, and so did quite a few of my co-workers, even the ones who flinched when I first pulled the fabric out of the box at work.

It's my same old KwikSew shirt pattern, and this time I swear it almost made itself. And because it's a shirt that's not going to get much wear (even I'm not so deluded by my own creation that I think he's goingn to wear it that often), it decided not to fight me. It's probably the best collar I've ever done, and it figures because between the black background and the colorful print, crooked topstitching or the inevitable tiny pleat that has to get picked out along the collar band just didn't happen. The only thing I changed this time was to cut it straight across the bottom with a vent at the sides, rather than the standard rounded shirt-tail. I figured since it was never going to be tucked in, why make it look like it should be? He did admit to liking that part. And he doesn't dislike the rest; he's just looking long-suffering there, after a long day of fun in the sun

You have to admit, it's the perfect shirt for sitting back on a boat, beer in hand, watching the river go by.

To make the weekend better, it was almost free. My boss had an annoying streak about 2 months ago, and while I was in his office trying not to threaten him with bodily injury, he bribed me by saying that if I let him off, he'd pay for our room at the bed-and-breakfast in Maryland when we came down for the party.

Well, okay. I can be bribed. Last year we drove home at 11:00, and it really wasn't a good idea - we were both exhausted and sunburnt, and it really does put a kink in what my office believes is how to enjoy a party: excessively, as in like a bunch of teenagers. Neither of us really fit that bill, but it was nice only having to drive a mile from the dinner when we'd had enough.

The bed-and-breakfast was lovely, run by an older couple and seemingly there to showcase their lifelong passion for collecting antiques. We had one of the simpler rooms, but I got to look the place over beforehand and the master suite had this towering Victorian bed that actually made me drool.

This was our room: the lavender room, overlooking the side yard and a tree full of early morning birdsong.

It was a nice break from Philadelphia. We left fairly early on Sunday, drove home by way of a flea market, Home Depot, BJ's for cat supplies and then took ourselves out for a nice lunch. On the way home, we stopped past South Street so he could pick up some art supplies, and I found out that there's one fabric store open on 4th Street on Sundays, and I picked up some leather for the next big bag.


Rachel said...

That is a really nice shirt. What Kwik Sew pattern number is that? I want to make my husband a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! The shirt looks fabulous! The guy's pretty cute too. ; )

Rose said...

Does Mario realize how great he looks in the shirt? You must be proud of your workmanship and ability to enhance his good looks! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Ahh..We can add boss manipulation(or ability to get what you deserve)to your skills along with sewing and gardening.

Meg said...

Wow, your boss paid for your room?!!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

That looks like the quintessential B&B. Love the way Mario's shirt turned out and your dress was fab too.