Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm still here

The job's been busy, the sewing's been uninspired, and the sewing room has been unbearably hot. I'm trying not to run the AC too much, but dripping sweat from my bangs onto the fabric is just wrong.

I've also been asked to be guest blogger over at Elizabeth's Trench Sew Along, so that's one other place I've been that's not here.

Parting shot for the night - this is Evil Bear. Youngest cat in the house, last Vlad kitten I took in. Cutest little girl in the world when she was a baby, but at some point around 4 months, she apparently realized that I would continue to feed her whether or not she was nice to me. After having lived indoors for months, she reverted to mostly feral and now she stalks around the house ignoring me to the best of her ability. All of her daddy's attitude and none of his sweetness.

But I love a challenge. Bear's only 4. I'll break through yet.

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Rose said...

Thanks for checking in with us and sharing a cat picture. Evil Bear actually has a devil look in his eyes. I'm sure the sewing will come.