Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Knockoffs Galore

This is an outfit - and a day - we're not likely to forget, right?

Well, apparently the pattern companies are worried that we might, because they're reproducing the Isabel Toledo/Michelle Obama inauguration day outfit as fast as they can.

First, they gave us Simplicity 2552, which at least tried to masquerade as a wardrobe pattern - Hey, look, I'm a skirt and a top and a cardigan, and oh, yeah, I'm a dress and a long princess-seamed cardigan with a tie in the front, but I'm not really a knockoff of the inaugural dress. Look, I'm hot pink!

For those of us not swayed by the purple prose - and fuchsia fabric - provided by Simplicity, it was followed up by Butterick 5396, which, to their credit, didn't beat around the bush and pretend to be more than it was.

Their envelope announces, loud and clear, Get yer inaugural knockoffs right here! Looky, looky, you got your dress, with and without sleeves, you got your flattering princess-seamed tie-front long cardigan. And hey, just in case you're really clueless what we're going for here, I'm yellow! (Please ignore the fake jewels they stuck on my neckline; the stylist couldn't find a cool necklace and this was their solution.) Buy me, I look more like the original.

Just to bring it home, did you notice that the model on the Butterick envelope is actually wearing green gloves? We get it, we get it!

Admission of guilt here. I did buy the Simplicity pattern, and it serves me right, because now that I look at them side by side, I like the Butterick pattern much better.

If you're going to knock something off, at least make a quality knockoff. Having had the privilege of fogging the glass case around the original outfit at FIT's Isabel Toledo exhibit, the Butterick pattern is a much better version.

I've been working on the jacket, honestly, but it's going slowly. Some of that is due to the heat, and the fact that I've been trying to organize the workroom again and there's a huge pile of fabric in front of the air conditioner, and some of it is because my organizing urge has spread to the rest of the house and I'm whizzing around getting in my own way and not really accomplishing much of anything.


Nancy K said...

Yeah, the Butterick is a better copy.
I'm organizing fabric too. It always gets to be a bigger mess than you envisioned it would be, doesn't it? I got a labeler and decided that that would be the perfect solution to finding my fabrics.

Cisa said...

I definately understand the getting in your own way on the cleaning and organing. Last weekend my fiance and I decided to swap the master bedroom for my sewing room to allow me more space. That was Friday. After 5 days of my house looking like it had been hit by a tornado, yesterday I finally reclaimed it.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I think the Butterick is only a better copy because the seamline is in a better place on the jacket. However, I much prefer the Simplicity pattern because I get more bang for my buck.

Maybe people will buy this pattern just to have a copy...but since I actually have to dress like this day in and out, I want the pattern that will give me the most mileage.

So do you think the Butterick pattern designers stood at the glass case like we did and then drafted their version?!

Finally imitation is the greatest form of flattery so I am thrilled for Isabel Toledo!!!!

Rose said...

I had a chuckle reading about your house organization. Yep, you sound a lot like me when the "organization urge" hits. Both the Simplicity and Butterick patterns are good ones. I suppose the choice depends are the sewer's goals. I bet we'll continue to see many more of these knockoffs. I think that it's great that the sewing industry is providing them.

Connie B said...

I seem to be MIA lately, but promise I will be a better friend once this damm wedding is over over over!

McVal said...

That'll be really nice! Can't wait to see it! I do like the Butterick lines in the dress better.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I like the Butterick on best too.
Not that I have anywhere to wear a cool long coat over an elegant dress, but it would be nice to have it, just in case

Linda L said...

I think I like the Buttrick version better. Both are nice. Now I could just find the right green gloves!

Burgandy said...

I live in Philly too, and used to go to Walmart (evil) to buy patterns. Now that all the walmarts I know have gotten rid of the fabric section, I don't know where to go beyond JoAnns, who charges SO much. Any suggestions?