Friday, September 25, 2009

Let there be light

When I got this month's issue of Threads, I was browsing it at lunch and in the new products section, I noticed a task light. It called to me.

Understand, it's not bright in the workroom. I have curtains on the windows (because of my very close neighbors and spending so much time in there in my undies trying things on). There's a ceiling fan with a light, but it's not bright, either, and getting an electrician in to do something better isn't an option, especially with that stupid drop ceiling.

So I saw this light. It's called an Uber Light. Liked the name. The first photo is with the Uber light.

I looked at the specs, liked the fact that it's LED and doesn't give off any heat; the workroom gets pretty sticky in the summer.

I liked that it came in either table mount or C-clamp forms (I chose the C-clamp because this way I can move it from the work table to the new surface, once it's finally done).

I liked that it uses almost no power at all and the bulb is estimated to last 60,000 hours. Even I don't sew that much. The second picture is the Singer, pre-light.

So I clicked buy, and it came on Tuesday. UPS from Canada, with free shipping. Who doesn't like free shipping. The lamp itself cost $79.95, but I decided that my vision and my sanity were worth it.

My Singer, the machine I use most often, has a totally crappy, dim light. Who decided that sewing machines don't need bright lights? My new old vintage Singer lights up like my refrigerator. But the newer machine? Unless I'm wearing my reading glasses, I can't even see the needle to thread it. And now? The third picture is the light clamped on the corner of my table, wrapping around the back.

Light. Seriously bright, cool light. The Uber light has a long neck, very flexible, and very sturdy - I've snapped gooseneck lamps before being a little overzealous. I don't think I could hurt this baby. It's from Reliable Corporation.

If it's dark in your room, check out the Uber light. It's actually worth the money.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm looking through your pictures...admiring the lamp...and then I spot it! A bobbin sidewinder! I didn't know that you owned and were using one too! Dontcha just love it!

BTW I can never have enough light and that is a great lamp!!!

Dawn said...

Excellent! I've been looking for something for my room. I sew in a downstairs bedroom with a central fluorescent fixture. The light is behind me when I sew, casting shadows on the machine and garment. Perfect . . .

Ruth said...

I bought a new Singer recently and have the same problem with threading (amongst may other problems with it). Thank you for your comment - I really thought my eyesight had started seriously declining!