Monday, September 14, 2009

My Completely and Totally Non-Sewing Weekend

I meant to sew. Really, I did.

I did get quite a bit of work done on the workroom renovation this past weekend. I'm beginning to feel pressure to finish before it gets cool outside and I end up painting with the windows shut. A while back, I ripped out an existing (but non-functioning) closet and decided to put a countertop in the alcove that would hold a couple of my sewing machines. I could also put a shelf or two overhead, and this would be much more practical than a closet that I couldn't use.

So the closet was gone, and then I put a whole bunch of rubble into the alcove and pretended it wasn't there.

Friday night, it really started to bug me, so Saturday I went to the hardware store and got all the bolts I would need to attach the supports to the wall to hold the countertop. I've never done wall anchors of that magnitude before, so I got twice as many as I needed, plus a tube of heavy duty construction adhesive, and I spent part of Saturday drilling large holes into my walls and attaching bolts and 2x4s and generally covering myself in gray adhesive that still hasn't come off.
On the plus side, I can hang my body weight on the supports and they don't move. On the minus, maybe putting in 15 of them was a little excessive. But whatever, they're up.

I measured, and measured again, and went downstairs and marked my countertop (a 28" wide solid core door from the local home store). Now I'll let Mario get all manly and cut it with the circular saw, and once I get the alcove painted and patch the ceiling drywall, I can install the countertop and the underneath supports and actually have a much better functioning area. Where maybe some sewing WILL get done.

Sunday was a wash as far as accomplishing anything at home - we hit a porch sale in the morning, and then in the afternoon took the train up to visit my elderly aunt, who wanted to talk about her living situation. She's not comfortable on her own anymore, but she's doesn't want to go into a home. She found an independent living situation connected with a nursing home where she could have a small apartment, but some meals and housecleaning and laundry provided by the building. I wasn't for the idea at first, but the more I listened to her, the more I realized it's probably the best solution - she's lonely, more than anything, and afraid of living on her own, and this would force her to interact with people but she'd still have her own space to retreat to when it got to be too much. I could stop worrying about her being on her own, because there would be people to check on her.

Her main concern is that she might use up what money she has and not have any left to leave me. I tried to convince her that my uncle didn't work all those years to put money aside to take care of me. He was 20 years older than her and knew she'd be on her own someday, and he wanted her to be safe and comfortable. So hopefully she's going to do what he wanted and take care of herself.

Not saying if there's anything left over, I wouldn't be grateful, but I've managed to support myself since I was 18, I think I've got the hang of it by now.


Lisette M said...

It looks like you are on your way to get your sewing space like you wanted. You are lucky to have such a sweet relative, these days most people just think about themselves.

Connie B said...

Is that the alcove off of your sewing area? Keep working - it will be so handy to have there! It is sad when our loved ones get older. I wish we could convince them that their money is for them to enjoy now, not for us to enjoy after they are gone.

Meg said...

That's so sweet your aunt was worried about you! We're going through possible living situations now with my dad, who looks to be in the early stages of dementia.

TE said...

My mom feels the same way about not having enough to leave my sister and I! Good grief. She did make the move to a place like you described, though. I'm 50, and almost wish Mom would just give me a small (to her, huge) gift now, so she could feel like her obligation is met. Then she could live as she wishes, and I don't feel guilty. Ah, the previous generation...