Saturday, October 3, 2009

September: Month End Review

Only six items for September, one of which was a muslin. That's only 9 yards out of the stash, and I'm pretty sure I accumulated more than that, even with being uber-virtuous in New York the other week.

First, did skirt-in-an-evening (my TNT a-line skirt from BWOF), using the last of the black and white pinstripe. There was too much to throw out and not enough to put away in the remnant bin, and I knew I'd get plenty of wear from the skirt. I have - I've worn it twice already - but it's not exciting and I haven't taken its picture.

The big project for the month was the Ottobre 5/09 pleated peplum jacket. It's been a while since I've done a lined jacket, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. It's not the most exciting fabric, but looking at the bulk of my projects, I think every once in a while I need to break out and wear something daring, like a neutral color. Or a solid.

But because I can't break out of my multi-colored, multi-printed box quite yet, I put together my TNT KwikSew 3338 tshirt in a graffiti print from Spandex House (my one NYC purchase).

Then I used my Versace embroidered velvet from last June's PR meetup in Baltimore for New Look's 6429 vest. Obviously another shy and retiring print - well, in relation to the graffiti print it is. Maybe.

The rest of the month's sewing was a nightie for myself (basic but necessary - after a while the ratty tshirt look gets a little old) and a muslin for KwikSew's 3258 "Chanel" jacket.

The muslin's coming along pretty well - not perfect in its present state, although it's wearable enough. It gave me all the information I needed to tweak the pattern pieces for the second version of the pattern which, strangely enough, I don't have any desire at all to work on right now.

Part of that could be because I've managed to mislay the buttons I bought months ago at M&J with that jacket in mind. I saw them about 2 weeks ago, still in their little ziplock bag, safe and secure and . . . where? Somewhere in the workroom, that's all I know.

I hate it when stuff hides from me.

It was a wretched week at work - everyone working at full capacity and nothing seemingly getting done, plus I've gone and caught Mario's scratchy throat. Just to ice the cake of my crankiness, it rained every time I stepped out the door today, so I gave up going out and hid in the workroom and puttered around with a few new ideas.

Nothing to show for it yet, but when I was straightening up the other night my big bag of thrift shop goodies fell over and when I was trying to wedge it all back in (10 lbs. of *#&%^ in a 5 lb. bag, anyone?) I found a few things that caught my eye. They no longer look at all like themselves, but they haven't yet assumed their final shape.

More to come.

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Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Your "only" six items sure beat mine! Hope you get to feeling better.