Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm not a happy crafter

I know it's not that much different from sewing, really; I mean, hell, I'm using all the same supplies and equipment, but it's a different part of my brain and it's one that doesn't get used often.

Since I'm still up to my eyebrows in needy old people (my stepdad chimed in this week by long distance with an entirely self-created disaster that it took us a few hours to get him out of), I'm still not doing any "real" sewing. It just won't come when there's this much other stuff crowding my head. So I'm making more stuff for the craft show.

And it's almost painful. Not sure why, except it's not what I would make if I had my brain fully functional and undistracted. It's also for the most part not really my taste - which I guess is okay since that way I won't want to keep any of it. And it's doing a great job at clearing out my remnant bin.

I've decided one thing, though - no more velvet. I've made 5 scarves, three from burnout velvet that are self-backed, and two that are backed in solid black velvet. The standard weight velvet has gotten fuzzies on every stinking thing in the workroom, and I've blown basically a bunny out of the inside of the machine. No. More. Velvet.

As far as the little makeup bags, I've come up with another variation that's shaped almost like a little suitcase. Almost every woman in my office has one of these (I think they're either Vera Bradley or a knockoff) that they carry their makeup and necessities back and forth to the ladies room. Don't see the purpose myself, but it's a cute shape and I got 3 of them out of the leftover black and pink tourist print from one my summer dresses. It's also using up my stash of regular zippers, which I hardly ever use anymore. So not a bad thing. And with the identical fabric and zippers, I could just assembly-line those bags, which made it easier.

The stuff has to be dropped off on December 3rd, so I've got some time yet, but I need to get myself together for regular sewing soon. The Menswear Contest starts over on Patternreview and I'm taking a month off from the Contest Committee so I can participate. I'll never get Mario's jacket done otherwise and sewing along isn't the same when you're looking for the motivation to actually get started.

Right now, the schedule is as follows: Monday-Wednesday, work and make crafty things. Thursday: dinner with Mario's family, come home and either pass out or make crafty things. Friday: unscheduled but probably going out to buy things for Betty's new apartment; Saturday: farmer's market, cooking, cleaning, making crafty things. Sunday: final packing day. Monday: off and either sewing or sewing. (I need a day for me). After that, it's quickly downhill: work Tuesday through Thursday, the move occurs Friday, the craft show starts Saturday, I'll be back up with Betty on that Sunday for final unpacking, curtain and picture hanging and general hand-holding. I'm off again on that Monday, and once again, Monday is for me. If I haven't started the jacket by then, that's the day it's happening.


Connie B said...

All i can say is "whew!" Take time to breath you lovely person you!

Karin van Dam said...

Wow, you've got a busy schedule. Don't forget to relax between all the hard work! Goodluck. x