Saturday, November 7, 2009

Next Up

What is it these days? I can't get a piece of fabric into this house without wanting to cut into it.

What happened to aging? A fabric isn't properly seasoned until it's spent . . . well, a few seasons in my stash. Lately, the new stuff hasn't even had the chance to make the acquaintance of the old stuff before I take scissors to it

Allow me to introduce Signor Magherini's blue and green (Chanel?) wool boucle. The colors (especially the yellow) are a bit less vivid in real life, and the green is more of a moss than the bluish pictured here. Don't you love it when a fabric doesn't want its picture taken.

And there will be one properly aged fabric in the mix - I was grumbling because I didn't have a suitably colored lining fabric, and then I remembered. Back in November, 2006, at the first PR Weekend I attended, I bought an olive green silk charmeuse from Kashi at Metro. It was meant to be a lining for an as-yet-uncut green silk boucle that wanted to be a jacket.

It still wants to be a jacket, just apparently not yet. And when its time comes, I'll have to find it a new lining, because that green charmeuse is going under the rotary cutter soon.

And since I couldn't get to NY for the PR shopping day today because I've been doing seriously un-fun aunt-type things, I went online tonight to Zippersource and ordered myself a custom 20" moss green separating zipper with a gold loop pull.

The chosen jacket is from the Best Ever Issue of BWOF, August 2006. Considering that issue contains patterns for maternity, kids and plus, none of which I've ever made, the fact that I've made 5 - soon to be 6 - things from that issue is pretty impressive.

I checked on PR last night and there were 5 or so good reviews of the pattern, and I was surprised to see that I had commented on a few of them. Well, at least my taste is consistent!

There were a few other contenders, all BWOF patterns - 10/2007 and 12/2007, similarly shaped jackets with zips - but one didn't have a lining and I didn't want to think that hard, and the other had a collar that didn't quite work for me.

And yes, I know I could have changed up the collar, but sometimes you just don't want to go to that extra effort. Here, my only decision is whether or not to lose that upper set of pockets. And whether or not to cut the pockets on the bias.

Those decisions I can cope with. And I need a little bit of therapy sewing right now. Fingers crossed that zipper arrives quickly!


Lori said...

great pattern and fabric, I can see why you are anxious to get to work on this one.

Shannon said...

Ooo, that fabric is so gorgeous! I cannot wait to see this jacket made up.

KayY said...

Good choice! I made that very jacket and wear it a lot. Hmmm - wonder why I only made it 1x?

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm going to have to pull this issue out and see why you love it so much! The jacket/fabric combo should be very interesting in your hands!!!

Vicki said...

I have always loved that jacket...but of course have not made it up. Looking foward to seeing how you match up the checks on the front. Great fabric!

Dawn said...

This is one of my al time favorite issues too.