Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well, okay

So I still don't consider myself crafty, and I'm still not totally and completely enjoying this process, but I had to send a photo of these over to the Arts League today for the craft show flyer, and I think some of them are actually pretty cute. The little black and pink suitcase one especially, though since I just finished a slew of the round pouches last night, I kind of like those as well.

I'm aiming for the "well, I don't know what to get her but I have to get her something, oh, look, these are cute" response.

This is entirely too early in the day for blogging, but I had to get up early to get the trash and recycling together, and then I remembered I promised to send the photos this a.m., and then I got one picture taken before the camera battery died, so here I am, up early-ish and not enough to do.

Off to the shower!


wendy said...

ooh! i really like the circular one. :-)

i agree, non-garment sewing is a royal pain sometimes.

Rose said...

These are cute bags! No one will know that you didn't enjoy making them.

meredithp said...

Seems to be that sewing like this takes SO much preparation: having all the stuff on hand (zippers, batting, whatever) always discourages me. Me like to garment sew...period. That said, I really like your bags.

gwensews said...

Don't sell them short--those are very nice bags. I love bags. I love making them. There is all kinds of sewing, and some of it just isn't worn on our bodies.

McVal said...

they are adorable! I hate zippers... But my ASG group is doing a tutorial on 5 diff ways to sew in zippers in January or February and I can't wait! Maybe I'll figure out a simpler way to put them in and then they won't be such a pain!
Good job on those! I'm sure they'll get snapped up! And whatever doesn't, you can give away for Christmas presents!

Miasews said...

Those bags are really cute and truly fill the need for gifts for casual friends.