Monday, January 25, 2010

Curses! Foiled Again

Or, the underside of the fabric is marked upa nd I'm going ot have to use the shiny side of the satin.


So here we have the basic structure. I constructed the satin bodice, basted it to the denim, and installed the invisible zip on the left side. Which of course meant that I had to cut out the skirt from that crappy, shiny satin. Which has a permanent fold mark in it (thanks, Joann!) that I can't get completely pressed out.

The skirt isn't as full as the pattern drawing, but that's actually okay because big, gathered and shiny is just too nightmarish. The skirt is actually only attached right now on either side of the zipper - the rest is just loosely pinned to the bodice, which is still open on the right side in case I need to do any further fitting/tweaking next time I see the intended wearer / victim.

My dilemma now is what to do about the bodice. I can still do the petals or whatever it was that I was doing. I can even do them in the reverse of the fabric if I want - she okayed that - but I'm having a small reconsider. Being thwarted does that to a person.

One thing I'm thinking right now is instead of the petal effect, do something similar to the pattern drawing bodice, in the reverse side. The shiny will still show on the back and a bit in the center, and of course in all that skirt. Thankfully it will get hemmed and be considerably shorter, though still abominably shiny.

Another thought I had was to use the gauzy net (it looks almost like organza) and somehow envelop the whole dress in that. Overskirt, use it on the petals, the whole works. It's an interesting effect over the satin; it does at least minimize the worst of the shine and make it look a little less prom-ish.

You don't have to tell me - right now, it looks like a hot mess on Evelyn. The fact that I can't zip it up on her doesn't help. Neither does the shine, which emphasizes every crease I haven't flattened yet, and every ripple that will go away once there's a body in the dress.

I know it'll work, and I know whatever I decide to do with it will be an improvement, but I'm going to be really glad to send this one on its way.


Christine said...

Gaaah! My eyeballs are bleeding!

Seriously, though - crappy fabric aside, it's looking pretty good to me.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I like the net/tulle idea, that might look great. But ice blue plus shiny! My head would explode trying to sew it!

gwensews said...

Well, you are giving the customer what she wants. She wants shiny, she gets shiny!

Kathie said...

Oh, I feel for your frustration... long ago and far away when I used to own things made of polyester, I believe I remember that vinegar/water on a crease and then pressing it could make the crease go away... worth a try if you have a creased scrap to try it on... (white vinegar, of course)
good luck

Andrea said...

Wow, you really got a lot done last night. Overall I think you are doing a nice job on this dress. It is really shiny though. I like the idea of the overlaid fabric using the organza.

Rose said...

I kinda like the gauzy net. Hey, it looks like a costume and that may be what the designer wants. I think that you are doing a great job with the materials that you have. Anymore theater work in your future plans (LOL)?

laura said...

Is there something about the character that screams shiny satin? Why else would you get that phone call!?? I'm sorry but I've worked weddings (as a waitress) where I've cringed at what I call the 'slimy satin' wedding dress. They're hard on the eyes and less than flattering, but if that's what they want...You're a good person to go to so much trouble for this group, and I'm sure they'll love what you come up with.