Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Loss = Your Gain

The slips have found new homes - Linda and Myra, please email me with your mailing addresses. Don't worry, Elizabeth, I've got yours. Neighborhood Gal, hankies to Canada is doable - send me your address too.

Since there was interest in the hats - some people seem to think I did it just to torture them (not true, but it was a plus!), I'll let you all know when I decide to thin out the hat collection.

BTW, putting the blog on comment moderation for older posts for a while. I've been getting massive amounts of spam comments on old posts and it's just easier that way until they find someone else to bombard.

In closing, I give you Bad Kate, who spends all her time tormenting Annie, trying to pry open the sewing room door (undeterred by yelling, water squirts or canned air), and making messes. She's my dirty girl - grubby white feet, potatoes in her ears, and yet the most fastidious cat you'll ever meet, tiptoeing around the litter box with her nose wrinkled.

1 comment:

Little Hunting Creek said...

I had a cat like Bad Kate - his name was Billy Bother. He was whitye and hated mess, but of course was very messy. I hope you were able to reduce your stuff - I'm in stash reduction mode myself.