Monday, March 8, 2010

Inspiration Central

So as I hinted yesterday, the postman (woman? android?) brought me a goodie last week. Actually, it was handed to me by my next door neighbor, who took it in for me when she saw them trying to mangle it into the mail slot.

A copy of Cadena Mode from Cennetta!

Let me rephrase that. A copy of Cadena Mode from the Fabulous Cennetta. That's her new name, at least in my house.

I've looked with longing whenever she's posted about this magazine on her blog, and now I have one of my own!

And it's at least as amazing as I hoped, and what I've posted here are only (my) highlights. There are many, many more inspirational pieces here, and I'm trying not to even think about the fabrics, because I'm sure I couldn't afford to touch them. Ever.

But what about some of these? I love how many prints they use, and the combinations - and yet none of these girls looks like she's wearing a patchwork quilt, my own personal fear when I put a few too many prints in one outfit.

First photo - look at that jacket on the left. Is that an interesting use of stripes, or what? I can see something like that wandering out of the back room one of these days.

Second photo: sorry for the blur, but I think the fabulousity of that middle jacket - lovely neckline, and how exactly do I make that collar - shows through.
Third: there are many, many boucle jackets here. This yellowy-green one on the right is just one of them. I like the contrast fabric for trim instead of the usual trims one would use on boucle, when the brain automatically goes "Boucle = Chanel."

Apparently not always.

Photo four: that white-and-black jacket on the left. Love the collar, love the print, loev the buttons. Love the attitude. Love the dress under the jacket. There was a lot of black and white in this issue, prints combined in many ways, and I liked quite a few of them.

Photo 5, on the left, isn't really anything I want to make, but isn't the fabric beautiful? And the dress on the left, while unwearable by anyone who's not a twig, is really interesting with the twists in the fabric.

In the sixth photo, I didn't really get where they were going, but I liked the green plaid jacket anyway. The asymmetric closure is interesting, but I'd change those puffy sleeves. Not my look.

Nor, actually, are the layered peasant skirts - I did them for more years than I care to recall, and they didn't do a thing for my shortness except make me look short.

Seventh, another outfit I don't know anyone who can actually wear, but if I were tall, and thin, and blonde, this is a skirt I would indeed wear. Because once again, they're doing interesting things with stripes. I wish there was a way to make that work on a real body, but I'm really not sure I want to inflict that on an unsuspecting world.

And, of course, my life has so many opportunities to wear something like that.

The eighth photo is mainly about the garment on the left. The neck/shoulder treatment is interesting, the fabric is beautiful, and even though it's ridiculous, I kind of like the big goofy flower at the waist. Don't ask me why because I doubt I could explain it.

In the ninth photo, looky at the little trench jacket on the left - shown over the uber-cute knit dress in the center.

And the purple wrap blouse with the cutaway shoulders isn't anything to sneeze at.

But WTF is with the hair?

I recently purchased 2 yards of Persimmon Princess boucle from Gorgeous Fabrics, and I thought I knew what I wanted to do with it. All these cute little jackets are making me reconsider - new necklines to consider, new challenges in figuring out how to draft them and what Burda patterns to use as the base.

Thinking sewing. My favorite kind.


Vicki said...

Ooh, some inspiration there! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! I love them all. Have you looked at the directions at all?

Victoria said...

Wow, what great looks!!!! Never heard of this mag so thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Wow, that is fantastic! Your dilemma over the postman/possibly android reminded me of my little brother. When he was about 4, we had a female mail carrier....who he referred to as "The Fe-Mailman."

Little Hunting Creek said...

What beautiful clothes! I'm seriously thinking about changing my entire life so I could wear clothes like that. :)

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I totally love that asymmetrically closing jacket as well. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!

Susan said...

Uh o! I'm in trouble. I need this magazine, now. lol.

So beautiful!

Cennetta said...

Thanks, Karen. I'm glad you love the magazine. It's true..., every page has something, some details, or color combination that "I" like.
Happy Sewing and Designing