Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes it pays not to pay attention

I've made how many shirts for Mario now, about 10? And every time, even though I know what I'm doing, I still break into a cold sweat attaching the collar/stand to the shirt body.

Every stinking time.

This weekend I was working on a summer blouse, BWOF 2/2009 #125, with sleeves from an older, similar pattern, 10/2008 #113, and I got to the collar. I interfaced, sewed the collars together, interfaced the stand, sewed it to the collar, and while I was busy thinking about how I'm going to rearrange the back yard to fit in all the new veggies getting delivered next week, I pinned and sewed on the collar.

And it came out right the first time. I didn't even realize what I'd done until I went to topstitch it, and I almost choked. Why can't this kind of automatic sewing happen on the really important projects? This is a cute top, but I can take or leave it, really. It certainly didn't deserve a completely problem-free collar and 9 cooperative buttonholes, including the one on the collar.

What's next, forgetting that welt pockets make me dizzy with fear and knocking out welt pockets everywhere?

Nah. I don't think I'll ever not feel that way. Here's the patternreview, if you care to read further.


Vicki said...

Practice makes perfect. Perhaps you need to do welt pockets on everything from now on :)

Linda L said...

I understand how you feel. Cute blouse.

Nancy K said...

According to Kathleen Fasanella you need about 10 samples for muscle knowledge to happen. Obviously it did if you count the last 10 shirts for Mario as the 10 samples. Same for welt pockets, but those I'd actually make samples for, which I am doing. I don't fear them; I've been making them for years, but I don't make the often enough to have total mastery on the first try. I've been figuring out how to make welt pockets in my planned jacket, which are a tad different, and I am on sample 4 of the second type I've tried. It actually gets to be fun. I will make a few more before I get to the jacket.

Anonymous said...

I think the shirt super cute! Is it just ne or has your dressform lost weight recently?

Rose said...

That's a cute shirt, Karen. I'm looking forward to your welt pocket project!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Ha! It is always the way. The top looks sharp, for sure!