Saturday, May 22, 2010

And then there's the fabric (PR Weekend Pt. 3)

As promised, here are the pretties accumulated during PR Weekend.

I'm surprised - I'm not sure if it's my semi-regular exposure to these stores, or the fact that I was trying to ride herd on everyone and make sure no one got lost, but I really under-shopped. At least for me.

First photo on the left, fabrics I did not purchase. From left to right, a lovely plaid donated by Andrea, an embroidered border print from the official fabric swap, and a black and pink plaid that I've been coveting, which was a hostess gift from Elizabeth.

Maybe I should host people more often. (She gave me wine, too, just in case fabric wasn't enough).

Next photo on the right, some of the loot from London Textiles: a rayon-blend print in all my favorite colors, a gray stretch stripe, and a dark gray (though it looks brown in the photo), wool and lycra blend that has announced its intentions to be a skirt.

Who am I to argue with the fabric?

Third photo, left, more fabrics from London: an orange flowered sweater knit (some of you may remember that I bought the green colorway of this sweater knit last year; I loved it enough that I bought it twice); a rayon brocade that is intended for craft show goodness next December, and a lovely black and white boucle with a nice self-fringe that wants to be something yummy. We'll see what kind of yum - it's not a big piece.

All I bought on 4th Street was a double-sided blue and brown home dec fabric, last photo below on the left. I'm seriously thinking it might want to be the new Amy Butler rain jacket pattern, possibly sans hood. I want something where I can just show off both sides of the fabric, and the nicely bound seams inside - I even got matching seam binding at PA Fabric Outlet. It better match; I stood in line for 40 minutes for it, though I had Dixie and Lisette to talk to, so it went pretty quickly.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't count lining as fabric. It's a notion, something I need to finish something made out of fabric. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it.

So at Jomar, all I got were these 3 lining fabrics - a fabulous resort print, a gray and black stripe and a brown - green - orangey one that looks more or less like what's washing up on the shores of Louisiana. Much better as a jacket lining than an oil spill.

Oh, right, the leather. I actually found leather in one of the remnant boxes at London. I didn't even know they sold leather!

It's not a huge piece, probably just big enough for a bag or a vest (and for some reason I'm thinking vest, even though I've never done leather-as-clothing before. It's nicely distressed, and it's even thinner to sew than the lambskin that I'm used to. Thinner, but a bit more crisp. I'm looking forward to sewing with it, whatever it's going to be.

And that is that for Patternreview Weekend 2010 (at least until Montreal, which I will not be attending due to lack of funds and energy).

Back to the real world, and real sewing. I've actually picked up a project I started back in March, and kept putting down. Now that it's too warm to wear a boiled wool jacket, don't you know it's the one project I want to work on?

I'm at the trim stage, so I should have something to show you all soon.

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Kat said...

Oh my gosh, Karen! I've just caught up on my blog reading which has been so woefully neglected for far too long. You have made so many AMAZING things!! I'm so mad I couldn't do PR Philly this year, but...DD#1 is definitely going to Temple. So that means I'll become more acquainted with the City of Brotherly Love (with a GPS, of course ;) ). I was thinking of you when I had to go down for the Freshman placement testing last Monday.

Next year it's PR Philly or bust!