Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BWOF 5/10 #137 Dress

Did you forget about this dress?

Did you think I did?

I'll admit, it almost fell into a black hole leading up to PR Weekend. It was finished, all but the hem, but I didn't have a belt to wear with it, and therefore, it languished, unhemmed, over my stair rail.


The thrift store strikes again. This isn't the perfect belt, by any means, but it's a good color, I wanted something woven, and it was 50 cents.

Can't argue with that, right?

Notice Lily the sewing room cat sneaking into all the photos. Do you think she realizes that a finished project with photos means that I'll be back in the workroom soon, starting up something else that will keep us in there together?

Right now, I'm tracing. The June issue of Burda arrived yesterday, and while it's not the treasure trove that May was, there were a few things that caught my eye - the knit dress (#109), and one of the Take 1, Make 4 skirts - a plain, unadorned little pencil skirt that I'm going to use for the fringed fabric to go with my Chanel-ish jacket.

Long weekend ahead. Hopefully I'll get out early on Friday and get a few hours of uninterrupted sewing time. There are a few things I need to do on Saturday, and Sunday is mandatory-family-cookout. Monday will be a combination of recovery and sewing.

Mostly sewing.

Is everyone getting ready for a long weekend spent with fabric?


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

The dress is lovely and I'm glad to see all the pics but what happened to your head? *smile*

SEWN said...

I too am wondering where your head is (said the kettle calling the pot black). ;) What kind of fabric is that? I love the dress. Very beautiful. And it fits gorgeously.

Lori said...

Very cute dress.

Elaray said...

I'm so glad you made that dress first. It looks great! It was on my mental list, but frankly, the collar scared me a little. You solved that little issue by posting about the collar. Now, I'm a little concerned about wearing a dress with an actual waist since I don't have an actual waist.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I like your dress and that belt is a find!

senaSews said...

The dress is beautiful and the fabric looks very nice!

ConnieB said...

Hi Lily! Karen, I'm glad you got to reviewing the dress. It looks great!

Rose said...

I was waiting to see this dress. The dress looks great and the belt looks perfect with it. Now I'm going to put it on my sewing list and pretend that I have a waist. BTW, I like seeing Lily in the pictures!

Joyce in NC said...

Lovely dress!

gwensews said...

What a terrific dress! Have fun sewing over the holiday. My sewing room is in remodel/paint/clean mode, so I'll be doing the above while sewing in my head!