Monday, May 17, 2010

So. Tired.

PR Weekend is officially history. And it all worked, which is even better.

When Deepika first told me that she wouldn't be here for PR Weekend, I had a small breakdown, took a deep breath and called the great group of women who helped to put this together. Together, we made sure that everything happened (more or lesss) when it was supposed to happen, that no one got misplaced, which was quite a feat on Fabric Row, where there are so many hiding places for stragglers, and that the bus driver only got slightly lost in New Jersey.

When the worst thing that happens during a weekend with this many moving parts is that the restaurant had air conditioning problems early on, I think it can be called a success.

Now if I could only get out of my own way. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't even sorted my fabric yet for pre-treating. Shame on me.

Back to work tomorrow; back to reality. At some point I might even manage a few photos from the museum exhibit, the only time I remembered that I had a camera.


scormeny said...

Great weekend, thanks!

I will brag and say that I have pre-treated almost all of my fabric already (of course, since I only got 6 pieces that was easy-peasy). I'm delighted to report that the $1/yard stretchy white terry-ish fabric I bought at JoMar, which I was worried would shed or ravel like crazy, came through the washer AND dryer fantastically, not a fluffy white bit in sight!

I currently have a trenchcoat project that MUST be finished before I can really tackle these new projects with my new fabric. Though I may indulge my wicked impulse to set aside the coat and tackle the houserobe project that that terry stuff is the lining for, we'll see!

-Sara aka Fishnets

DD said...

I had a great time and will definitely attend another PR weekend. Thanks!! You guys did an awesome job!