Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meet the pretties

Not much sewing going on this weekend.

Summer has finally arrived in my sewing room and the temperature is somewhere between the southern corner of purgatory and absolute Hades. I hate putting the air conditioner on so early in the season, but it's not even comfortable to sew in my underwear in there. And the cats refuse to keep me company.

So this weekend I've avoided the workroom and gotten off my otherwise unmotivated butt and listed a load of my old vintage stuff in my Etsy shop. I love it all, but most of it no longer fits my body, and none of it really fits my life. So I'm letting it go.

But I wanted to share some of them with you, because they are, after all, so pretty.

And if anyone is interested in anything, please let me know through Etsy that you found the link here, and shipping will be free. (I like knowing the stuff is going to a good home!) US only, though.

What do we have here? Several silk sheath dresses with intersting bodice construction, the draped dress that I've always called the Flower Bomb, an aggressively cheerful aqua floral with pleated skirt, and a ridiculous boiled wool jacket with chenille embroidery.

The jacket, unfortunately, has some moth damage on the front, but I've been keeping it all these years thinking I'd remove the embellishment and reuse it. It's not gonna happen, but that's not to say someone else wouldn't be more likely to do it than I am.

There's still more in the closets, but I can't face dressing and undressing Evelyn in this heat. I think it even bothers her.


Sew Great To Be Me said...

Are u kidding about the AC? We have had ours on since March. We have had 90 degrees and up since the last of April. (I live along the Gulf Coast)

meredithp said...

Personally, I'm a big energy conserver, but when the cats say it's too hot, it's too hot.

Then I'm wandering around in my own personal "climate change", so I have to rely on others to judge.

Beautiful things. I'm sure they will find good homes, AND you'll get the endorphin rush of cleaning things out. At least that's what happens to me when I "streamline". If they don't fit you, then in my wildest dieting dreams, they would never fit me. But they are beautiful!

Andrea said...

Those dresses are gorgeous!! It's a shame that you have to get rid of them but, I'm sure they will go to a good home. I am sooo with you about the heat. It's crazy.

Jacqui said...

Very pretty pretties! I'm kinda giggling a bit because we're still using the heater. I took off my flannel sheets out of pure principle but I'm leaving them on the kids' beds since I don't want them to get June.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That very top one is sooo tempting, but I'm guessing not in my size. Luckily for me.