Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Month End Review - May 2010

Or what it all looks like on.

Still in recovery mode from the long weekend, but I wore my new Burda 6/2010 dress today (and my KwikSew Chanel-ish jacket last Friday when it was still a little chilly) and I just wanted to share a few headless photos for your viewing pleasure.

I'm really liking the dress. I've decided what the fabric reminds me of - stained glass. I'm calling it the Rose Window dress because it reminds me of walking into Notre Dame and seeing nothing but that intricately-colored, beautiful window glowing out of the darkness.

Arnysews asked to see the dress on me because of the location of the gathers - the idea of below-bust gathers not being particularly friendly to those of us who are somewhat gravitationally-challenged. I understand the worry, but the girls are where they belong, and the gathers are underneath. So fear not!

The jacket photo for some reason came out really overexposed (as reference, my top is orange) but you can see how it fits, anyway.

My third project was BWOF 5/09's un-plussed dress, which was a really enjoyable project for me, just to realize that I can un-plus a pattern, and which has opened up whole new avenues of Burda browsing for me.

Only 3 projects this month, and the jacket was actually started months ago, but considering there were several obligations this month that took me away from my sewing machine (PR Weekend, anybody?), I don't think that's too bad.

Plus it's a rough time of year to be indoors. My garden is growing like weeds - the plants, that is. The weeds are growing like weeds on steroids. The tomatoes have got blossoms on them already and I have lettuce basically coming out my ears. So that's been claiming a lot of time.

Plus there are things like holiday family cookouts (apparently sewing at a bbq is inappropriate? who knew?) and my house just keeps getting dirty.

Off to catch up on some more sleep and plot the next project. I think it's a dress. Unless I change my mind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dress pic - it looks great on you and that is a stunning print. I've just added the top version to my queue.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I love your Rose Window dress! and the jacket and shirt dress are lovely too. It is difficult to sew when the garden calls you...how well I know the feeling of being torn

Lisette M said...

There might only be three, but three very nice ones. That un-plussed dress is wonderful!

Debbie F said...

I love your "un-plussed" dress. can you do a post on what you did to obtain the correct size?

Rose said...

You look so nice wearing all 3 projects!