Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clothes for small people

Baby and kids clothes are not something I make a lot of - not many of my friends have kids and the few co-workers who've had them aren't generally the type to appreciate something me-made - as opposed to something from whatever fabulous baby store I'm supposed to buy from. So they get what they want, and those with better taste get me.

One of my best friends, and the most stylish man I know, is expecting. Well, okay, his wife's expecting, but he's so excited you'd think he was. Once they found out they were having a girl, I have to say I was almost as excited as they were.

You see, I've been planning for them to have a little girl long before they were. They got married in November, 2007. The got married on the Friday of PR Weekend, 2007, so I could only go on Saturday, just a few hours after coming home from their reception. And one of the things I bought on that marathon shopping day was a piece of candy pink velvet embroidered with flowers. I wasn't quite sure why it called to me so loudly in Metro Textiles; I was too tired to see straight, much less think about a baby from a marriage less than 24 hours old, but subconsciously, I think that's just what I was doing.

Can anybody say first Easter dress? As a practice run, I put together this little number, BWOF 10/05 #139. A little garish? you say. What baby wears purple? you ask.

I'll tell you. This baby.

The mom's favorite color is purple, and her dad's nickname for her since she was a baby is Ladybug. So when I realized I had enough fabric left over from Mario's recent shirt, I decided to make the dress. I went digging through the trim boxes in search of something coordinating, and came across this ladybug trim, which I've had for so long I don't remember getting it. (I'm thinking some time in high school, which means the trim is older than the mom and dad).

To tie it all together, I got out a twin needle and did all the topstitching in red and yellow. The pinafore straps are buttoned with yellow flower buttons (and red buttonholes). I added a third yellow flower button over the join in the trim above the pleat.

I handed it over on Thursday. Dad loved it. I swear I heard the mom squealing that night.

Apparently, I'm going to be that aunt. You know, the one who makes the stuff that no one else would ever consider putting the kid into.

Good thing the parents have taste.


Becky said...

I don't think it's garish at all! Though I don't have kids myself (and am nowhere close to having any), I'm firmly of the opinion that baby clothes stay in the pastel range way too often, and they should have more color! (In fact, should my brother and sister-in-law have any kids, I've already decided that I'm going to make them some baby clothes in non-traditional colors-- my brother's favorite is black!) Plus I bet your friend will love the details in the color and trim that make it so personal.

Beangirl said...

I was sitting here wracking my brain trying to remember which garment that was... and then it finally dawned on me that this is from exactly one issue prevous to the very first issue of BWOF I started getting. Hmmph. Can you say 'disappoinment'? Sure you can.

And yes. If you are going to be "that aunt" (and who better? I say... look at your first run out!), then you too will begin to have all the BWOF/BS children's patterns MEMORIZED.

Welcome to the Dark Side.

Lisette M said...

Who can resist such an adorable dress? Lucky you (and your friends) that there's a little girl to sew for!

Andrea said...

I've seen this dress in person and it is too adorable. Your friend are so lucky to know you, and I know they loved that dress.

Shirley said...

This dress is just too cute for words. And did you know that (at least in German tradition)ladybugs bring good luck?

MB said...