Monday, July 19, 2010

Updates all around

First (and foremost), thanks to everyone who had fingers and paws crossed for Lily. I picked her up after work today with a clean bill of health, though my vet did at least agree with me that the symptoms were worrisome, even though on the geriatric tests they ran , she came up fine. Geriatric? I think she'd be offended.

The best we can come up with is that maybe she ate something she shouldn't have - seam binding, anyone? ribbon? - and it caused enough irritation to make her lose her voice and have some of the other physical issues. Her voice is a little better; she's up to an irritated scratchy whisper at this point, but the tone is as demanding as ever.

On top of that, I heard from the roofer today, who gave me the choice of $500 or about 5 times that, depending on whether I took the low road or went for for major reconstruction. He recommended the easy way out, because it's about 90% likely to work, and if I have to go back within the next year and take the expensive route, he'll knock the original $500 off the bill. That will hopefully get done before Friday, because I have a very exciting houseguest coming at the end of the week and I don't want contractors underfoot!

There has been sewing going on, and if I can get it together to write the post tonight, I'll have it up by tomorrow morning. It's an experiment, but a mostly successful one.

Thanks again to everyone who wished Lily well. She'd thank you, if she could be bothered to get out of the bag of fabric where she's napping.


meredithp said...

Glad she's doing allright. That would explain the water drinking, etc.

Kelly said...

So happy to hear Lily is on the mend! I would have been worried too...