Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Project Complete

It didn't take long to finish the bonnet to go with the baby dress. The bonnet was very easy. It's also lined with white cotton batiste, and trimmed with more stash lace.

As far as the photo is concerned, that's a very unwilling and somewhat mortified Annie. It should have been Max - he has a bigger head - but he needs wrangling and my cat wrangler was upstairs at the time.

Here's the full review for the dress on PR.

Other than that, I've been doing some more craft show sewing - I went for coffee the other day with a friend and ran into the woman who runs the organization which holds the craft show. She saw me doing handwork on the baby dress and invited me to participate in the show. I said that I had last year, but it was nice to know for certain that I was going to be this year as well, since I've gotten so much stuff finished.

Back to work tomorrow. I had 2 days off, and they were definitely not enough.


Gail said...

Very sweet although I'm not sure that your cat agrees.

michal said...

what a cute baby set... and the cat picture... adorable!

melissa said...

heehee! Karen can you drop me an email? I'm in the States and your last email about Philly is on my laptop at home. I've got possible times to meet up on Mon and Tues now! :D

Reethi said...

How adorable, though I think that might qualify as cat-abuse. :)